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Newsletter 2023 March #1

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Calculating The Ransom Demand Based On The Victim’s Cyber Insurance

Informed Extortion: The ransomware group HardBit offers to set its ransom demands in relation to the victim organisation's insurance cover. read more


Hackers Have Stolen GoDaddy's Source Code

GoDaddy has revealed that hackers gained access to its servers to install malware, with the potential to extort many of its hosting customers. read more


Half Of British SMEs Have Been Attacked

Cyber criminals have identified SMEs as vulnerable because of new remote working practices, small IT teams and a lack of  adequate solutions know-how. read more


Cybersecurity & The New Space Race

Houston, We Have a Problem: Cyber security on spacecraft might require AI as well as other kinds of Machine Learning to build the necessary resilience. read more


To Catch A Hacker, Start Thinking Like A Hacker

Curiosity, Aggression & Persistence Are Key Characteristics: To get inside the mind of a hacker, you need to think like a hacker - this is known as "white hat" hacking. read more


Digital Platform Regulation - Impossibe?

Governing The Ungovernable: Digital platforms are the last fortress for democratic and participatory civic engagement. By Yasmin Afina read more


Securing Hybrid Workplaces

Network Access: Many more organisations are working on streamlining their operations by connecting physical and digital security systems. read more


Virtual & Real Cybersecurity Threats In The Metaverse

A Virtual World: The future of the metaverse as a usable interactive environment is doomed if we fail to properly secure it. By Spencer Starkey read more


Scandinavian Airline App Compromised

Don't Use The SAS App: Air passengers are at risk of being logged into the wrong account and having access to the personal details of other people. read more

Cyber Strategy Needs To Evolve With The Enterprise

Hybrid Work: Cyber security is no longer about protecting one specific network for the company - it's all about protecting remote work too. By Mark Guntrip read more

Securing Valuable Data

Crypto-segmentation is a vital tool in creating a security model that truly supports the need to safeguard valuable data assets. By Simon Pamplin read more    

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