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Newsletter 2023 March #2

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Cyberwar: Lessons From Ukraine

AI, OSINT, IoT & Social Media: The tools that increasingly run the digital world have quickly been repurposed to have highly destructive physical effects. read more


New US National Cyber Security Strategy

The US economy can no longer rely on the sort of cyber security measures which have failed to prevent the huge economic losses caused by ransomware. read more


Cyber Criminals Are Quick To Use ChatGPT

Cyber criminals have begun using OpenAI’s artificially intelligent chatbot to construct hacking tools, create deepfakes and generate malware. read more


One Third Of Cyber Criminals Are Women

Unequal Female Engagement: A higher percentage of women participate in cyber crime than currently work in the cyber security industry. read more


Keeping Up With The Increase In Phishing Attacks

Outwitting Employees: More than 80% of organisations experienced at least one successful criminal phishing email attack in 2022. read more


Detecting Digital Injection To Counter Deepfake Biometric Fraud

IDLive Face Plus: Detecting digital injection attacks where fraudsters use hardware & software hacks to substitute biometric capture with fake images. read more


The US Marshals Service Gets Hacked

A major ransomware attack has compromised some of its most sensitive information, including potential targets of US Federal investigations. read more


British High Street Book Retailer Attacked

Staff Data Stolen: WH Smith does not say just how many of its 10,000-plus current & former employees have had their personal data stolen in the breach. read more


Banning Ransomware Payments - Will It Work?

Don't Pay: In the light of the ever-growing ransomware threat, what would be the impact banning ransomware payments and would it help? By Antony Hogg read more


An Apocalyptic Cyber Event

Global Warning: The World Economic Forum Global Security Outlook Report 2023 predicts a “catastrophic cyber event" is on the way in the "near future". read more

Digital ID Cards For Everyone In Britain

Could It Be The e-UK?:  Sir Tony Blair and Lord Hague are recommending adoption of universal ID cards in an effort to use technology to transform the British economy. read more

The Office Workplace ln The Hybrid World

Remote Teamwork In Multiple Locations & Settings: What should a modern office look like in today's world of hybrid work? By Samir Desai read more 

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