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Newsletter 2023 March #3

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Conflict Is Driving A Significant Increase In DDoS Attacks

Recent data analysis reveals increased DDoS attacks, combined with a significant link between geopolitical conflicts and these types of attacks. read more


DoppelPaymer Hackers Caught

German Police, Europol & the FBI have caught members of a large-scale hacking gang associated with the notorious Evil Corp. criminal group. read more


Meta Plans A Rival To Twitter

A decentralized text-based app would allow Meta to take advantage of the current problems with Elon Musk's management of Twitter. read more


A Warning From Ukraine About Russian Hackers

Gamaredon: Customised malware implants that can exfiltrate files of specific extensions, steal user credentials & screenshots from victims' computers. read more


A New Tool For Protecting ML Systems Security

Arsenal: Microsoft and MITRE have developed a plug-in that combines open-source software tools to protect Machine Learning systems from attacks. read more


Which CI/CD Tools Can Promote Supply Chain Security?

Incorporating these tools into a supply chain security strategy can reduce risk, increase transparency & maintain the integrity of the supply chain. read more


Artificial Intelligence Today - How AI Works

Artificial Intelligence is becoming the main component of important emerging technologies like Big Data, Robotics and the Internet of Things. read more


The Dark Side Of Artificial Intelligence

Using ChatGPT, hackers can customize any communication with unique content, making these attacks more difficult to recognize & detect. read more


Cybersecurity Is No Longer The Sole Responsibility Of IT Specialists

Wider recognition that cybersecurity is not the sole responsibility of just one team will hopefully see the burden on CISOs reduced. By Emily Quick read more


Barcelona Hospital Knocked Offline By Ransomware

The attack resulted in computers at the hospital's lab, emergency room & pharmacy at three main centres, plus external clinics being shut down. read more

City Of Oakland Under Ransom Attack

The Play ransomware gang has taken responsibility for a cyber attack on the City of Oakland that has disrupted IT systems since February. read more

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