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Newsletter 2023 March #4

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Britain's New Security Agency Created To Counter Chinese Hacking

MI5, the British domestic spy agency, plans to establish a new agency to protect businesses from Chinese espionage and state-sponsored hacking. read more


US Federal Agency Hacked

Telerik: Multiple cyber criminals, including a nation state- hacking group, have exploited a known unpatched vulnerability at an unnamed agency, going undetected for four years. read more


Crypto Company Loses $200m To Hackers

Flash-Loan Attack: A flaw in one of Euler Finance's smart contracts was exploited to steal crypto assets - the proceeds are already being laundered. read more


British Cyber Security - New Threats Call For Action

Three cybersecurity experts talk about what the UK government needs to include in its updated advice & regulation to ensure better national security. read more


AI Is Creating New Mobile Scamming Threats

New mass market AI tools create exciting opportunities for innovation & productivity, but also provide those same opportunities to cyber criminals. read more


Hackers Have Cost Medibank $26m And Counting

Medibank expects its total losses to be $40-$45 million, excluding further customer and other remediation, regulatory &  litigation-related costs. read more


WhatsApp Will Not Comply With British Regulations

Messaging platforms WhatsApp and Signal would both refuse to remove end-to-end encryption if ordered to comply with the proposed British legislation protecting Online Safety. read more


TikTok Is Banned From British Government Phones

The Chinese-owned app is under increasing scrutiny over its security & data privacy, with concerns it could be used to promote fake news and steal customer data. read more


Deepfakes Are Making Business Email Compromise Worse

Bad actors have upped their game with a new weapon in their  arsenal: AI-generated deepfake phishing. How can it be stopped? By Tim Callan read more


Turning The Tables On Tomorrow's Threat Agent

The web browser has become the biggest attack surface and favoured target for threat actors, many of whom are exploiting it with success. By Nick Edwards read more


Britain Pledges To Invest £2.5bn In Quantum Computing

Ambitious National Plan For AI: "A world-leading quantum-enabled economy by 2033" funded with a £2.5bn research and innovation programme. read more

Cutting Cybersecurity Jobs Is Shortsighted

Business leaders should make smarter investments to strengthen existing security, not short-term attempts to save money. By Dan Davies read more

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