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Newsletter 2023 March #5

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World Backup Day

Reasons To Backup DevOps Data: Don't neglect to backup the types of data that are often overlooked, but the loss of which can lead to serious consequences. read more


ChatGPT Language Model Risks

AI chatbots and Large Language Models present a rising security threat and now the British National Cyber Security Agency has issued a detailed warning. read more


Cyber Security Budgets Are Misspent

Streamlining The Tech Stack: Over 30% of businesses believe that as much as 30% of their budget is being allocated to tools and solutions that are not being used to their full potential. read more


Russia's Disinformation Campaign Targets Ukraine's Supporters

More than sixty 'lookalike' fake news websites have been set up to pass off as legitimate Western newspapers and used to deliver fake news on social media. read more


TikTok’s CEO Faces Congressional Interrogation Over Data Privacy

The short-form video app TikTok has many millions of US users, raising suspicion that their data could be accessed by the Chinese government. read more


Small Firms Can Stay Safe Online

Britain's NCSC has launched services to help equip small firms with the right tools and tailor-made guidance, enabling them to be more cyber resilient and reduce their real world costs. read more


A Golden Pipeline To Secure The Supply Chain

Building security into the development process is a priority for organisations aiming to avoid the risks of supply chain compromise. By Nurit Bielorai read more


Jackpotting Attacks Are Back - But Banks Can Fight Back

FiXS infects multiple ATM models, corrupting the middleware which runs the  hardware - including the cash dispenser. By Juan Ramon Aramendia read more


What Is Email Spoofing & How to Protect Your Organization

Online Fraud: There are several measures that organizations can take to protect themselves against email spoofing. By Gilad David Mayaan. read more


Ferrari Hacked & Ransom Demanded

The famous Italian sports car maker Ferrari has disclosed it has been a victim of a cyber attack that targeted confidential customer information. read more

Staying Secure In A Changing World

The Benefits of Regular Cybersecurity Updates: Protecting your data & systems from malicious attacks and staying compliant with  latest regulations. read more  

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