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Newsletter 2023 May #1

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Google Bans Thousands Of Malicious Developers

App Attacks: Google says it has blocked 173,000 malicious developers and criminal gangs, preventing over $2 billion in fraudulent transactions. read more


The Evolution Of Russian Cyber Warfare

Future Warfare: Intelligence leaks provide an insight into Russian cyberwar objectives & potential long-term threats to Western organisations. read more


Locked Shields - NATO’s 2023 Cyber Exercise 

Winners & Losers: The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence has recently hosted the 2023 edition of the annual cyber defense exercise. read more


Facebook Users In Line For $725m Payout

Cambridge Analytica Data Privacy Settlement: Facebook users could receive a share of a $multimillion settlement in a successful privacy lawsuit. read more


Musk Threatens To Sue Microsoft

Charging For User Data: Twitter owner Elon Musk is threatening to sue Microsoft as he accused the technology giant of misusing Twitter data. read more


Violent Indian Separatists Detected Using Twitter Bots

Recent research reveals pro-Khalistani Sikh groups using a network of Twitter bots to promote violence and anti-India propaganda across social media. read more


‘Tyrannical IT’ Is A Critical Threat

Misinformation & Disinformation: Authoritarian countries increasingly rely on digital tools to suppress dissent both inside & beyond their borders. read more


Retrofixing The Remote Workforce

Combining technologies over a single platform can provide a cohesive security solution that can monitor endpoints & network access. By Tim Wallen read more


Why Zero Trust Is Fundamental in Today’s Economic Climate

Harnessing affordable zero trust architecture based solutions is preferable to investing in multiple expensive solutions. By Dominik Birgelen read more


An Increasingly Diverse Attack Landscape

Covert Methods: SonicWall's research report details a more diversified cyber attack landscape and shifting patterns of threat actor strategies. read more

Iranian Hackers Targeting Israel

PowerLess: Iranian state-sponsored threat actors are deploying an updated backdoor to target Israeli academic researchers who have  an interest in Iraq. read more

Is ISO 27001 Worth It?

The Only Auditable International Standard For Information Security: What are the relative pros and cons and is ISO 27001 worth the effort? By Phil Robinson read more

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