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Newsletter 2023 May #2

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Cyber Security And Ransomware Attacks - Problems & Solutions

Stay Ahead Of The Criminals: Five best practices that will help you create a roadmap for a comprehensive ransomware prevention strategy. read more


Insurers Must Pay Merck's $1.4B Losses For NotPetya

Court Ruling: Merck's insurers can't use an "act of war" clause to deny the global pharmaceutical firm its claim for the cleanup costs after NotPetya attack. read more


Challenges For CTOs In 2023

Being a Chief Technology Officer in 2023 has to be recognised as one of the most demanding and yet fulfilling executive roles on the Board. By Chris Carreiro read more


Climate Change & Cyber Security

The Natural World & Cyber Security Are Connected: In fact, climate change could be one of the biggest cyber security threats that the planet faces. read more


Open Source Software In The Cloud

Researchers have linked the significant use of open source software to an increased need for vulnerability vigilance on the part of organisations using it. read more


Smart Gun Uses Facial Recognition Technology

James Bond's Pistol: A gun that can only be fired after verifying the shooter’s identity uses a combination of facial recognition and fingerprint technology. read more


Ransomware Attack Hits US Shipyard

The shipyard building the US Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship and its Constellation-class guided-missile frigate has suffered a ransomware attack. read more


Phishing Attacks Surge As Cyber Criminals Exploit New AI Tools

Beating 2FA: AI tools can help threat actors craft convincing phishing messages that are devoid of some of the typical indicators of a phishing attempt. read more


NSA Warning: China Is Stealing AI Technology

The US National Security Agency tells US technology companies to be aware of Chinese attempts to steal their Artificial Intelligence technology. read more

Malware Disguised As Legitimate Android Apps

Fluhorse: Malicious apps that are designed to extract sensitive information, including user credentials and Two-Factor Authentication codes. read more

Encryption, Security & Privacy

The Intrusive Nation State: How can fully homomorphic encryption advance security practices while preserving privacy? By Ghazi Ben Amor read more

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