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Newsletter 2023 May #3

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NSA Warning: China Is Stealing AI Technology

The US National Security Agency tells US technology companies to be aware of Chinese attempts to steal their Artificial Intelligence technology. read more


What The Latest Cybersecurity Trends Mean For Your SME

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Employee awareness, a protected domain name and strong authentication protocols can help manage risk. read more


Breach Will Cost Capita At Least £20m

Update: Capita faces a large bill to fix the damage caused by a breach and there could be significant consequential claims from its corporate customers. read more


ABB Struck By Black Basta Ransomware

Hundreds of computers have been compromised as a result of a ransomware attack on the Windows Active Directory used by the business. read more


Mobile Phone Chip Company Collects User’s Private Data

A leading Android chipmaker has been found uploading users' private data, including IP addresses to a cloud attributed to the company, without consent. read more


What Is The Difference Between Phishing, Smishing & Vishing?

An Internet user falls victim to cybercrime every 37 seconds: The more we understand scams, the better equipped we are to avoid becoming victims. read more


Which Sectors Are Top Targets For Cyber Crime?

Banks, Healthcare & Food Retailers: The latest threat intelligence from Blackberry found 60% of all attacks targeting these three key industries. read more


Businesses Must Prepare For 90-Day Certificates

Google’s 90-Day Certs Are Coming: With enough time to prepare & automation readily available, there is no excuse to be caught out. By Tim Callan read more


Lessons In Cybersecurity

Higher Education: With a large potential attack surface and big rewards for hackers, it's easy to see why universities are high on the hit list. By Chris Boyle read more


Google’s Cyber Security Career Certificate Program

Career Opportunities: Google has a new six month entry-level US certification training program aimed at a new generation of cyber security professionals. read more

How Cybercriminals Profit From Personal Information

Protect Your Data Online: Multiple websites on the dark web are used for buying user information from cyber criminals - you should take precautions. read more

The Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper Hacked

Unable To Print: The attack was first detected when editors & journalists found the newspaper’s content-management system was not working. read more

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