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Newsletter 2023 September #2

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Elon Musk Refused To Activate Starlink Over Crimea

Electric Cars, Space Exploration, Neurotechnology & Social Media Are Not Enough: Elon Musk decides to intervene in geopolitics, using his ownership of Space-X too halt a Ukrainian drone attack. read more


The Security Aspects Of Open Banking

Open Banking: A term used to describe a set of technologies & standards which allow consumers to share their account information online via websites and apps. read more


US Hospitals Knocked Offline For Weeks

Trauma Patients Diverted: Critical computer systems at hospitals and clinics across several US states are still not back online, more than two weeks following a ransom attack. read more


Qakbot Malware Taken Down

Dismantled By The FBI: Qakbot malware was used to infect victims via spam emails with malicious attachments and links, which served as a platform for ransomware operators. read more


British Voters Wide Open To Attack

Outdated Systems & Software: The British Electoral Commission failed the basic Cyber Essentials security test just before its 40 million-plus voter register was hacked. read more


LockBit Hacked Montreal's Electricity Supplier

Utility Extrortion: The ubiquitous ransomware group, LockBit, has breached data held by Montreal's power company and is demanding a ransom of C$2 million. read more


Poland’s Train Network Disrupted

Standstill In Szczecin: Poland's security & intelligence services are investigating an attack on its railway system communications network. read more


Can Shortening The Cyber Stack Increase Stability?

More Is Not Better: CISOs would derive more benefit from improving control over the stack, rather than buying in more tools. By Tim Wallen read more


The Unique TTPs Attackers Use To Target APIs

Application Programming Interfaces:  These are are the gateways to key data and attackers will go to extraordinary lengths to compromise them. By Andy Mills read more


Red Teaming Is More Relevant Than Ever

Make Cyber Security Relevant: Unlike a penetration test, red teaming employs real-world tactics, techniques & procedures. By Phil Robinson read more


Iranian Spyware Exposed

Balance Of Power: Hacking gang GhostSec has exposed face recognition & motion detection systems used by Iran's government to spy on dissidents. read more

An 8% Spike In Cyber Attacks

New research reveals a surge in global weekly cyber attacks in the second quarter of 2023 and identifies new criminal groups involved in the escalating use of ransomware. read more

What Is CloudSecOps?

CloudSecOps blurs the boundaries between Security and Operations, creating a unified approach, enhancing the cloud ecosystem's overall security. read more

Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world is changing faster than ever with the 4th Industrial Revolution and we need a more agile approach to regulation, that supports innovation. read more

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