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Cyber Security Intelligence is a searchable news website covering topical issues on cybersecurity and intelligence, targeting senior general managers and specialists across the corporate & institutional sectors (mostly financial services, IT, security government and policing). There is a controlled access Service Provider Directory with a listing of +/-1,600 Cybersecurity related Service Providers accessible to paying subscribers. News content is free to view. Registered users have the option to pay a subscription for unlimited access to articles and the Directory. There is a capability to offer Service Providers a paid for premium Directory listing.


Newsletter: There is a current email list of 6,500+ opted-in subscribers who receive the Cyber Security Intelligence Newsletter weekly.  These are 80% male distributed 50% in the UK, 35% in N. America with the balance across the EU and AustralAsia. There is very significant growth potential. Typically they are senior general managers & IT Dept. chiefs.

Twitter: Additionally there are presently 3,500+ followers across the @CyberSecInt, @CSI_Newletter and @Cyber_Sec_Int Twitter accounts where we post the Newsletter and tweet 12 times daily 6 days a week. Right now, Twitter Analytics show @CyberSecInt gets 2,500 daily impressions. The cumulative total impressions current;y run +/- 70,000

LinkedIn:  Newsletters and individual articles are posted weekly on LinkedIn Groups with total potential reach of 400,000+ individual members.

Commercial Terms:

We can offer a range of promotional possibilities in min. 4 week packages:

  • Branded Newsletter Sponsorship: £500 per week
  • Plus Twitter Campaign (1 branded Tweet daily x 6 days): £250 per week


  • One time network access with a tailored promotional email: £500 each
  • Plus once per day promotional Tweet: £50 each

Website Sponsorship min. 12 months

  • Frontpage brand presence and exclusivity in your industry sector: £5,000

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