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Newsletter June #4 2015

MI6: Snowden Files Hacked to Find Western Spies

Controversey: Have Russian & Chinese intelligence agencies used documents from Edward Snowden to identify British and US secret agents?  read more


US Government Employee Hack & the Future of Warfare

The massive hack of the US federal government may have compromised personal information belonging to as many 14 million people.  read more


UK Web Snooping Powers Are 'Undemocratic'

A review UK of phone & Internet surveillance says current "undemocratic and unnecessary" laws need a complete overhaul.  read more


GCHQ Lack Staff for 'umbrella' Cyber Surveillance

Do GCHQ have enough skilled people to carry out effective mass surveillance?  read more


Seven Critical Criteria for Cloud Data Encryption

Encrypting the huge number of data files stored in a public cloud is like bubble-wrapping a house.  read more


The Bright Horizon For Information Security Jobs

At least one group of graduates is poised to take advantage of a massive skills shortage: cybersecurity professionals.  read more


Health Industry Needs Urgent Cyber Surgery

Cyber hackers have taken their vitamins and are aiming at the healthcare sector in 2015.  read more


PWC 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey

PWC survey aims to provide greater awareness amongst UK business on how companies are (not) mitigating cyber risks.  read more


'Don't Risk IT – Cyber Secure IT'

The 2015 ISBS Survey reveals that 90% of large organisations reported suffering a security breach, up from 81% in 2014.  read more


Russia Hacked the German Parliament

The German government says the hack of the Bundestag came from Russia in a state-sponsored attack.  read more


Snowden Revelations Costly for US Tech Firms

US cloud computing firms could lose between $22 billion and $35 billion in overseas business.  read more


UK MOD to Build Open Source Analytics Platform

The MOD wants a new open source analytics platform to help understand its data.  read more


Flash Player Attacked in Latest Cyber-Crime

Hackers' persistent attacks on Adobe Flash Player's obsolete editions get worse.  read more


Hackers Offered $1k for Vulnerabilites Found in Drupal 8

The Drupal security team are turning to white hat hackers to get higher levels of security.  read more


GCHQ uses Cyber Techniques Outlawed in US

GCHQ collects "bulk personal datasets" from millions of phone &  internet records using techniques now banned in the US.  read more

Australia is 'one of most aggressive' in Mass Surveillance

Snowden supporters say Australia's new data retention laws are 'dangerous'. read more

Dark Web Drug Dealers Specialised in 'party packs'

Convicted: Two drug traffickers, who ran a drug 'party pack' used the 'Silk Road' to move illegal drugs.  read more

Instilling a Culture of Cyber Security

Companies selling cyber security say their tools will "defend" & "protect". The reality is  technology creates a false sense of security.  read more

The Brave New World of Cybersecurity

Opinion by Thomas Lynch, Christoforos Papachristou & Dennis Murphy.  read more