AI & Machine Learning Are Adding To The Skills Shortage

As data security moves fast towards automation, the adoption of new technology is aggravating an acute shortage of people with the right skills.


Insurers Are Not Ready For IoT

Insurance companies know the IoT is important, but they have no idea how to collect the data or what to do with it.


An Iranian Hacker Confesses

Understanding the hierarchy of Iran's hackers offers insight into how to defend against the prospect of attacks from the Islamic Republic.


Is the Pentagon Cloud Secure Enough to Hold Nuclear Secrets?

The US Government will shortly award a huge contract to host its most intimate defense secrets, thought to include its nuclear weapons codes.


Barclays Bank Want To Stop Cybercrime

UK's Barclays Bank has launched a campaign to help increasingly vulnerable small business owners stamp out cybercrime.


Facebook Suspends Hundreds Of Apps

Just as Mark Zuckerberg appeared in Brussels to face the European Parliament, Facebook seems to have suspended around 200 data harvesting apps.


Turkey Using German Spy Software On Opposition Politicians & Activists

The Turkish government has used a German-made spy program to infiltrate the smartphones of the Turkish opposition, despite a ban on its export.


Meet Tess: The Mental Health Chatbot

Tess is a mental health Chatbot you can connect with in stressful times via an instant-messaging app or a simple text for an immediate response.


What Your Board Needs To Know About GDPR

Even those organisations operating outside the EU should pay close attention to the General Data Protection Regulation, coming into force this week.


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