Trump Signs Cybersecurity Order

Three Components: Protecting federal networks, cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and promoting cyber-security workforce development.


What Healthcare CISOs Should Know

Protected health information (PHI) is more lucrative on the dark web than other form of personally identifiable information.


Data Breaches & The Internet of Things

The IoT opens up new pathways for hackers. Are new laws needed to protect consumers and to govern disclosure of data breaches?


US Reduces Crime Rates Using Effective IT

Crime has fallen dramatically over the past 20 years, primarily due to the technological changes which have made it harder to commit crime.


Uber Faces A Criminal Probe In The US

Ride-sharing firm Uber firm is accused of using "secret" software that lets it operate in regions where its service is banned or restricted.


WannaCry Attack Is A Big Wake-Up Call

The ransomware attack highlights a dependence on interconnected technology & the massive challenge to secure the software systems we rely on.


Cybersecurity Has A Serious Talent Shortage

Businesses should open themselves up to applicants whose non-traditional backgrounds mean they could bring challenging new ideas.


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