Singapore: The Place To Launch Cyber Attacks From

High Connectivity:Singapore has overtaken other nations including the US, Russia & China as the country launching the most cyber attacks globally.


Why Do IT Projects Often Fail?

Despite new methodologies and management techniques to head off spectacular failures, critical technical initiatives still fall flat at an alarming


Big Data In The Service of Police

Dragnet Surveillance & Predictive Policing: Big data analytics both amplifies and transforms police surveillance practices.


Russia Plans To Shut Facebook For Its Election

Russia’s communications watchdog has threatened to shut down Facebook if it fails to comply with a controversial law on data storage.


Firefighters Get AR Powered Glasses

Firefighters could go further into hazardous situations and exit safely using Augmented Reality (AR) glasses in development at BAE Systems.


Facebook's Algorithm And Russian Ads

The algorithms have done their job, but criticism of Facebook's handling of racist content, fake news and malicious electoral influence are growing.


Ransomware Analysis Suggests A Bleak Future

The future of ransomware does not offer any good news, as analysis shows new tactics and advances by the perpetrators.


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