Why Cyber Attacks Could Be War Crimes

If international conflicts are unavoidable, is cyberwar better than a war with bombs and bullets? If so, then could a cyberattack be a war crime?


IT Jobs Are Bound For Extinction

Top Tech jobs, even some of today’s hottest, like developers and data scientists,could one day find themselves on the digital scrap heap.


UK 'biggest audience' In EU For Jihadist Web Content

The Connected World: Online jihadist propaganda attracts more clicks in the UK than any other country in Europe.


European Cyber Threat Summit 2017

The European Cyber Threat Summit will be held in Dublin on October 24th and from safety in Moscow, Edward Snowden will be beaming in.


Former Spy Chief Takes Top Cybersecurity Job

Specialist insurer Hiscox, a Lloyd's of London underwriter, has appointed a former GCHQ Director as its cybersecurity special advisor.


Spy Satellites Just Became Much Smaller

Future spy satellites may unfold like origami birds, collecting image data along long, flat sensor arrays that weigh almost nothing.


Is A Cyberattack An Act of War?

As warfare becomes increasingly digital, countries are facing a major problem: It’s hard to define when a cyber attack constitutes an act of war.


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