Management Coverup At Uber After 57m Customers Hacked

Showing a remarkable lack of integrity, Uber kept the massive data breach secret for more than a year after paying off the hackers to be quiet.


MI5 In The Clear Over Terror Attacks

An independent review clears MI5 & police of making mistakes that allowed terrorists to strike Britain and recommends a 'terror-spotting' algorithm.


A Response Solution to Cyber Attacks

Verint has a cyber security solution designed for customers with large security operations centre which uses data mining software.


Computers Say ‘No’ But AI’s Decisions Must Be Fair & Transparent

Researchers have documented a long list of AIs that make bad decisions because of coding mistakes or ingrained biases in the training data.


N. Korean Hackers Plan to Devastate UK

Hacking groups linked to North Korea will continue to devastate the UK with major cyberattacks says former GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan.


Cyber Security Insurance

It used to be simple …If your employee stole cash from your business or forged a cheque, an insurance policy would cover it. Not any more.


When Guns And AI Work Together

As with smart lamps, TV and smart cars, AI technology is making guns a lot more intelligent.


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