Extremism, A Sea Change In Tactics

Barcelona Attack: At the heart of the issue is the use of social and encrypted networks in a social media enabled society. By Vasco Da Cruz Almador


10 GDPR Myths Debunked

A lack of preparation for GDPR may bring significant, expensive and highly unwelcome repercussions.


Can Tech Solve The Brexit Border Puzzle?

Can technology create 'frictionless borders' so that importers and exporters will hardly notice any change when the UK separates from the EU?


Online Credit Card Fraud In Australia Surges

Last year criminals stole A$534 million as fraudsters keep pace with Australian consumers moving online.


Cloud Portability Is Still Science Fiction

Enterprises want cloud portability, but the amount of work and money needed effectively prohibit them from moving in that direction.


Using AI In Business Intelligence

Enterprise is entering a new era ruled by data. AI in business intelligence is evolving into many aspects of everyday business.


Nazi Website Taken Over By Anonymous

Hacker collective Anonymous have taken over a notorious Nazi website, following clashes in the US between protesters and white nationalists.


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