Facebook Enables 'Fake News'

Digital Deceit: More people are coming to the conclusion that social networking is an overall negative for society.


Chinese Healthcare Technology Moves Ahead

The big tech firms like Alibaba and Tencent have made delivering better healthcare a priority and are more ambitious than their international peers.


Russian Social Media Intrusions Inspire China

China is exploring how AI & Big Data can be used to monitor social media interactions and has plans to assign citizens a 'social-reliability' rating.


Self-Drive Trucks Now Working In Australia

Self-driving trucks have begun to hit the roads in the United States, but they’re already hard at work in Australia.


What is the Industrial IoT?

The IIOT connects machines and devices in industries across transportation, power and healthcare. The potential is high and so are the risks.


AI Cyber Attacks Will Be Almost Impossible For Humans to Stop

Coming Soon: Truly autonomous weaponised artificial intelligence that delivers its blows slowly, stealthily and virtually without trace.


Islamic State Likely To Switch To Cyber Warfare

Along with other terrorist groups IS are turning to the cybercrime underworld to secure tools to carry out attacks on critical infrastructure.


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