Cisco & INTERPOL: Working Against Cybercrime

INTERPOL and IT giant Cisco agree to share data for quick threat detection worldwide and prepare for potential future collaboration in training.


Bitcoin: UK And EU Will Crackdown On Crime & Tax Evasion.

Traders will have to disclose their identities, ending the anonymity that has made the currency attractive for drug dealing & other illegal activities


Russia Is Providing North Korea With Internet Connectivity

By supplying North Korean hackers with added bandwidth and improved capability Russia is promoting even more destructive cyber attacks.


Promise & Peril Of Trump’s Cyber Strategy

The Trump administration seems to be stepping back from the historic role of the USA in shaping & enforcing international rules in cyberspace.


Australia To Challenge Facebook & Google Over Media Disruption

Australian media companies are being squeezed hard as advertising dollars follow eyeballs to the giant US digital distribution platforms.


Mercenary Hackers Funded By Nation-States

The FBI say they cannot tell the difference between hackers motivated by criminal intent from state- sponsored hackers pursuing cyberwar.


Fake News & Botnets: Russia Has Weaponised the Web

The core concept of cyberwar is psychological manipulation, executed with targeted digital disinformation to weaken a country from within.


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