Cyber Attacks Will Continue to Succeed

Spectre and Meltdown demonstrate weaknesses in current hardware cybersecurity that will force a paradigm shift within the semiconductor industry.


Iran’s Internal Conflict Plays Out On Social Media

Disinformation, Bots, #Hashtag wars. The civil unrest on the streets of Iran is being mirrored on social media, where government and protesters clash.


Applying Blockchain to Cybersecurity

Blockchain technology's key attribute is that it enables secure information transmission on the network with no human involvement. That's useful.


AI Powers VW’s New Electric Microbus

VW is working with NVidia to deliver AI features to the next generation of its vehicles, like speech & gesture recognition and driver monitoring.


What You Need to Know About The General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR Advisory Board answers questions about workforce training and the ways to become legally compliant before the May 2018 deadline.


Inside the Intel Chip Security Problem

Technology companies are still scrambling to fix serious security flaws affecting computer processors built by Intel and other chipmakers.


The Top 5 Tech Trends For 2018

As the technological trends keep on advancing in our digital era, 2018 is expected to be a big year for significant updates to existing products.


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