Could Britain Fight A Cyber War with Russia?

Can the UK and its NATO allies compete on the cyber battlefield as much as they do in the conventional spheres of air, land & sea warfare?


Snowden Helping To Protect Journalists

Edward Snowden is working on tools for journalists that he hopes will help to protect them and their sources from government surveillance.


Visualisation Tech Helps Police Process Complex Data

Microsoft is incorporating a visualisation technology to help UK police forces react and record incidents more effectively.


The Dark Web Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Sites on the Dark Web are a privacy paradox: While anyone who knows a dark web site’s address can visit it, no one knows who hosts that site.


2016 Healthcare Data Breaches

The number of US companies admitting to suffering Data Breaches went up 40% in 2016. Healthcare organisations were among the most vulnerable.


Stop Arguing On Social Media

Once considered a world of trivia, Social Media now has a very large and growing influence in Politics, Business and Society around the world.


DDoS Protection: 14 Unique Ways to Protect Your Organisation

DDoS attacks have become a nightmare for companies with an active online presence. Here are 14 ways to protect your business.


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