The Big Online Advertising Swindle

Fake news, concerns over privacy and political manipulation are some of the issues swirling around social media. There is also advertising fraud.


FBI's Ability To Disrupt Cybercrime Has Deteriorated

FBI agents took down or disrupted only about one-tenth as many cyber-criminal operations they did three years ago.


Russian Troops Use Missiles & Cyber To Counter 'swarm of drones'

The Russian military says it has fought off an attack by a swarm of drones launched by jihadists against its Tartus airbase in Syria.


Russian Hackers Trying To Infiltrate US Senate

Russian hackers accused of breaching the US Democratic Party and meddling in the French Presidential election are targeting US Senators.


Cyber Attacks Will Continue to Succeed

Spectre and Meltdown demonstrate weaknesses in current hardware cybersecurity that will force a paradigm shift within the semiconductor industry.


Iran’s Internal Conflict Plays Out On Social Media

Disinformation, Bots, #Hashtag wars. The civil unrest on the streets of Iran is being mirrored on social media, where government and protesters clash.


Applying Blockchain to Cybersecurity

Blockchain technology's key attribute is that it enables secure information transmission on the network with no human involvement. That's useful.


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