FBI Using Big Data To Predict Terrorism

Recent terrorist attacks have quickened the pace for US Law enforcement to use predictive analyitcs and big data mining techniques.


Industrial Robots Will Replace Manufacturing Jobs

Productivity gains from automation are eliminating manufacturing jobs in N. America faster than any foreign competition.


Chatbot To Teach You A Foreign Language

Écoutez et répétez après moi: Can a bot really be as good as a one-to-one tutor for learning foreign languages?


Artificial Intelligence Will Be A Critical Economic Driver

AI as an increasingly critical technology that can fight cyberattacks, upgrade weapons of war, improve health care & transport systems.


Tanks To Have Remote-Control

Generic driverless technology that can work any vehicle with a steering wheel can be applied to armoured vehicles, including tanks.


New Virus Attacks All Windows-Based Computers

A new type of malware capable of running on every version of MS Windows that can be detected by only two anti-virus engines.


Viv. An AI That Can Build Itself & Talks With People

Samsung has agreed to acquire Viv, an Artificial Intelligence business with powerful technology competitive with Apple's Siri.


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