AI Beating Humans? Not In My lifetime, Says Google Chief

The head of Google's cloud business says she doesn't expect machine intelligence to exceed that of humans during her lifetime.


Why Science Couldn’t Predict a Trump Presidency

The unexpected result wasn’t a failure of science.


Power Of Nature To Enhance Internet Security

The next generation of cybersecurity is being enabled by the quantum nature of the universe itself.


Snowden Loses In Norway

Edward Snowden's bid to guarantee that he would not be extradited to the US if he visited Norway has been rejected.


Inside The Mind Of Cyber Criminals

There are some common misperceptions that security professionals have about cybercrime and the people who do it.


On Facebook, Fake US Election News Was More Popular Than Real News

The Numbers Are In. It turns out fake election stories on Facebook generated more engagement than stories from major US news outlets.


US Government Is Still In Turmoil Over Cyber Defense

The giant OPM Hack of 2014 reverberates as the US Government finds that it still lacks the fundamentals of a robust cyber-defense.


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