Exploring Alternatives: Terrorism Converging With Cyber Crime

There is growing evidence that terrorists and criminals are converging in cyberspace. Opinion by Norman T Lihou.


Google Uses AI To Save On It’s Energy Bills

Its artificial intelligence division, DeepMind, has cut Google's data centres' energy consumption by 15%, using a machine-learning algorithm.


CISOs Need Teamwork & A Strategic Framework

Companies may not fully understand the nature of modern threats. Simply placing a higher priority on security may not lead to improved measures.


New Airport Security Technology

Threats from terrorism & international crime are prompting a big effort by civil aviation to develop new screening technologies.


Turning Big Data into Smart Data

Big Data has become one of the key buzzwords for businesses everywhere. But Without structure any amount of data is unusable.


Easy: Hackers Take Down A Hospital

Using only a few USB sticks, hackers got into the hospital network, taking over medicine-dispensing devices. Death was a literal keystroke away.


Ransomware Hackers Are Getting More Advanced

Hackers are using increasingly advanced techniques of the kind more commonly seen in cyber-espionage.


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