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Directory of Suppliers



Galaxkey is a data protection product that protects email, documents and any data using access control and an encryption platform.

MIT Tech Review

MIT Tech Review

The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.

Talari Networks

Talari Networks

Talari Networks SD-WAN technology delivers superior business-critical application reliability and resiliency, while unlocking the simplification and cost reduction benefits of branch consolidation.



C2B2 are experts in middleware support and consultancy. We specialise in ensuring scalability, performance and security of large scale systems.

Original Software

Original Software

Original Software offers a test automation solution focused completely on the goal of effective software quality management.



Cybercrypt is a world leading system provider in robust cryptography.

ICB Group

ICB Group

ICB Group is a leading corporate insurance broker providing Insurance, Risk Management and related advice to businesses and private clients.

Robert Half Technology

Robert Half Technology

Robert Half Technology offers a full spectrum of technology staffing solutions to meet contract and full-time IT recruitment needs.



Cyanre delivers state of the art cyber forensic services through software technologies and procedures that exceed conformities of major law enforcement agencies across the globe.



CyberHat is a proactive Cyber Defense solutions company specializing in cyber defense and intelligence, with a wide range of experience from all areas of the cyber domain. is an AI-powered log analysis platform that offers the open source ELK Stack as a enterprise-grade cloud service with machine learning technology.

Honeynet Project

Honeynet Project

The Honeynet Project is a leading international non-profit security research organization, dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source security tools.



Saviynt is a leading provider of Cloud Security and Identity Governance solutions.

HudsonAnalytix - Cyber

HudsonAnalytix - Cyber

HudsonAnalytix provides leading global risk management services supporting government and commercial companies in understanding, managing and mitigating their enterprise cyber risk.



LIFARS is a global leader in Digital Forensics and Cyber Resiliency Services.