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Aves Netsec

Aves is a deceptive security system for enterprises who want to capture, observe and mitigate bad actors in their internal network.

Helsinki Finland


BaseN is a full stack IoT Operator. We control the full value chain in order to provide ultimate scalability, fault tolerance and security to our customers.

Helsinki Finland


Bittium offers proven information security solutions for mobile devices and portable computers.

Oulu Finland

CAP Data Technologies

CAP Data Technologies provide behaviour analytics solutions for automatically detecting anomalous events and incidents using advanced machine learning analytics.

Jyväskylä Finland


Comiq provide software quality assurance, testing and project management services. Areas of expertise include cybersecurity.

Helsinki Finland


Cygate are specialists in information security, data networks, and data centre and cloud technologies.

Helsinki Finland

CySec Ice Wall

CySec Network Data Vault records a full audit trail of all network traffic to enable root cause analysis and forensic investigation.

Tampere Finland


D-Fence high availability security service protects corporate email communication, the company and it's employee's against cyber threats.

Helsinki Finland

Deductive Labs

Deductive Labs consulting services help customers with their technology, security and automation challenges.

Mariehamn Finland


Deltagon develops information security solutions to protect companies’ confidential information in e-communication and e-services.

Helsinki Finland

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