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Aladdin R.D.

Aladdin R.D. is a leading Russian developer and supplier of authentication devices, products and solutions for information security and confidential data protection.

Moscow Russia

Arsenal Insurance Company

Arsenal is an insurance provider based in Moscow, Russia. Services offered include Cyber Risk insurance.

Moscow Russia


Echelon Company is a provider of information security services specializing in certification of security software and hardware products in Russia.

Moscow Russia


ElcomSoft is a global leader in computer and mobile forensics, IT security and forensic data recovery.

Moscow Russia


Group-IB specializes in computer forensics, the investigation of computer crime, information security breaches and global threat intelligence.

Moscow Russia


InfoWatch solutions allow you to protect data and information assets that are critically important to your business.

Moscow Russia


Kaspersky Anti-Virus protects you from the latest threats of viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, and other threats.

Moscow Russia

National Certification Authority CJSC

National Certification Authority CJSC is one of the leaders in the Russian market of issuing digital signature certificates

Moscow Russia


RU-CERT is the CSIRT / CERT team of the Russian Federation.

Moscow Russia

SafenSoft (SnS)

SafenSoft delivers high-efficiency, low-impact proactive protection against malware, insider threats, and confidential data leakage.

Moscow Russia

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