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4N6 is a privately-owned firm founded with the goal of providing expert knowledge of computer forensics.

Crema Italy

aizoOn Technology Consulting

aizoOn is a technology consulting company offering a range of cybersecurity services.

Turin Italy

Boole Server

Boole Server software is a data-centric protection solution which allows companies and professionals to protect their confidential data (files, e-mails, and texts).

Milan Italy


CERT-Difesa is the Computer Emergency Response Team and coordination centre for Italian defence computer networks.

Rome Italy


CERT-PA is the national Computer Emergency Response Team for Italian government institutions.

Rome Italy


Certego is a company of the VEM Sistemi Group specialised in providing managed computer security services and to combat Cyber Crime.

Modena Italy


Cleafy protects web and mobile applications from tampering attempts and deploys countermeasures to guarantee data and content integrity at scale.

Milan Italy


CLUSIT is an association for the information security industry in Italy.

Milan Italy

Cyber Affairs

Cyber Affairs is the first Italian press agency entirely dedicated to cyber security.

Rome Italy

Cyber Security National Lab (CINI)

The Cyber Security National Lab brings together Italian academic excellence in Cyber Security research.

Rome Italy

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