Police Innovative Reporting Technology

The latest version of a documentation and report system for law enforcement professionals was unveiled recently.

Dragon Law Enforcement by Nuance Communications is a professional productivity solution designed specifically for law enforcement professionals.

The system brings highly customised dictation and documentation capabilities to police officers, sergeants, detectives, and other command and support staff, at the station and while on patrol.

Accurate, timely and detailed documentation is extremely important to law enforcement and criminal justice proceedings, typically required within hours of an incident.

However, this time-consuming documentation process often impacts timely report filing, limits officer visibility in the community, and, more importantly, can compromise situational awareness when officers are “heads down” reporting or looking up license plate information.

With advanced speech recognition and robust voice command capabilities, law enforcement professionals can create detailed and accurate documentation of incidents.

This is all in real-time by voice, speed data entry into records management systems (RMS), and keep their eyes on their surroundings by minimising the use of the mobile data terminal (MDT) keyboard while stationary in patrol cars.

The development has been updated to include a next-generation speech engine leveraging Nuance Deep Learning technology, so it delivers high-recognition accuracy with the ability to learn and adapt to a variety of accents and environments; making it ideal for large workgroups and a variety of settings.

Its customised language model has also been updated to support common words and phrases used by law enforcement such as car and truck makes and models.

The vocabulary can also be additionally expanded to include custom or localised words and phrases specific to a department’s needs, such as particular names or terminology they use with a high degree of frequency.

Dragon Law Enforcement’s powerful license plate lookup mode also enables officers to automatically switch from dictation to conducting common lookup tasks where they can use the NATO phonetic alphabet.


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