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Newsletter August #2 2016

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UK Security Agencies Say Mass Internet Spying Is Crucial

Privacy Trial Begins: UK spy agencies contend that  interception of communications is critical in protecting the country against terrorism. read more


ISIS Is Tooling Up For Cyber Jihad

Islamic terrorists are arming themselves with the technical tools & expertise to attack the online systems underpinning critical infrastructure. read more


Clinton Campaign Confirm Mystery Hackers Accessed Data

Is Russia using hackers to influence the outcome of the US Presidential election and is the US using proxies to retaliate? read more


Candidate Trump Supports Russian 'cyber warfare' Against US

Backlash over comments during a recent press conference in which he urged Russian hackers to steal rival candidate Hillary Clinton's emails. read more


Companies Can See Cyber Threats But Can't Deal With Them

As the risk of cyber-crime intensifies, most large organizations are still not prepared to deal with the onslaught of digital attacks. read more


Brexit Leading To Rising Tide Of Cyber Scams

Economic uncertainty following the Brexit vote is creating the perfect conditions for cyber-fraud read more


EU Cyber Crime Commissioner is King

Post Brexit Vote: Briton becomes EU commissioner for the 'security union' to develop European security and counter-terrorism plans. read more


Data Protection Tips for Proposed US Cybersecurity Laws

Proposed new US cybersecurity legislation is making many businesses nervous. These tips will help you be prepared. read more


Key Trends In Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

While there is agreement on the importance of machine learning, few companies have adequate expertise to get the technology to do what they want. read more


Banks Look Up To The Cloud

Banks are growing more comfortable using other companies' servers instead of their own closely guarded data centers. read more


Did Munich Gunman Get  His Weapon On The Dark Web?

Unlike the U.S, it is quite hard to get access to automatic weapons in Germany. So where did the  gunman get his weapon? read more


Cybersecurity Issues Are M&A Deal Breakers

M&A experts warn that due-diligence audits of companies targeted for acquisition often reveal cybersecurity risks that compromise compliance. read more


Cybersecurity Creates Growth Strategies For Business (£) 

Boards, IT Management and CEOs are under pressure from commercial partners and  government regulators to monitor & secure their company's cyber security. It is a real business opportunity. read more

Cybersecurity Is A Boardroom Blind Spot

Wake Up Call: Most boardrooms only hear about cybersecurity twice a year. Or until there is a business critical cybersecurity incident. read more

Bio-Electronics: A New Business Controlling Human Organs With Electronic Implants

Google & GSK are investing £540m in creating automated  bio- electronic nerve implants to fix defects in human tissue. read more

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