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Newsletter December #2 2016

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AI Beating Humans? Not In My lifetime, Says Google Chief

Diane Green, head of Google's cloud business, says she doesn't expect machine intelligence to exceed that of humans during her lifetime. read more


Yes, Russia Weaponised Social Media In The US Elections

Russia didn't just hack & leak documents from US political groups, it used social media as a weapon to influence perceptions about the election. read more


On Facebook, Fake US Election News Was More Popular Than Real News

The Numbers Are In. It turns out fake election  stories on Facebook generated more engagement than stories from major US  news outlets. read more


Social Media & The New Advertising Model (£)

Too Big To Ignore: Engaging with social media is now crucially important for all businesses that want to connect with a new audience. read more


Snowden Loses In Norway

Edward Snowden's bid to guarantee that he would not be extradited to the US if he visited Norway has been rejected. read more


Cyber Security Market Is In A People-Power Crisis

The rising cybercrime threat has driven the demand for cybersecurity professionals through the roof. read more


Medical Devices Are The Weak Link

For many users of the OneTouch Ping insulin pump, the benefits of ease of use are outweighed by the fear of hacking. read more


IBM's Watson Will Use AI To Treat Cancer

The Watson artificial intelligence platform is being deployed to study how thousands of cancers mutate to become resistant to drug treatments. read more


War In The Information Age

In the information age of warfare, advantage will be achieved through the speed and  integration of actionable data. read more


Inside The Mind Of Cyber Criminals

There are several common misconceptions that security professionals have about cybercrime and the perpetrators. read more


Google Launches New Weapon Against Islamic State

Google want to push web users searching for jihadist information toward content designed to counter the slick tools of terrorist recruitment. read more


Australia Goes To  Cyberwar With Islamic State

Australia is using offensive cyber capabilities to fight Islamic State in the virtual world. read more


Using The Power Of Nature To Enhance Internet Security

The next generation of cybersecurity is being enabled by the quantum nature of the universe itself. read more


Just How Safe Is Online Banking?

Banking online is convenient, but how can you you protect against your accounts being emptied by fraudsters? Here is some useful advice. read more

What Are The Big  Cyber Threats In 2017?

It looks like 2016 will be remembered as the year of the data breach and there are several obvious threats that are likely to feature next year. read more

Half The World's Population Is Not Yet On The Internet

Room For Growth: More than half of the world's population still isn't online. read more

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