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Newsletter February #3 2016

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US Agreement With The UK Allows Access To Private Companies Data

The US and UK authorities are working on a secret agreement that would allow mutual access to the data of private sector companies. read more


Banks Must React To FinTech

The financial sector is beginning to innovate alongside the rest of the business world and part of this is responding to emerging FinTech (Financial Technology). read more


Protecting US Innovation From Cyberattack

U.S innovation and its dominance in the digital world gives it a competitive advantage in the global economy. read more The White House has a $19 Billion Cybersecurity Plan to accompany the 2017 budget to fund a massive crackdown on lax security. read more


Snowden Leaks Spill Over Into The Courts

There is growing legal debate in the U.S. over the potentially invasive nature of big data cyber-surveillance tools. read more


Cybersecurity Is A Great Career Choice

Cybersecurity professionals work on the cutting edge of technology, using highly refined computer-based training. How cool is that? read more


Protect Your Data From Internal Attacks

Threats from inside your network, whether intentionally malicious or unintentionally hazardous, are the biggest security problem for oganisations. read more  It doesn't matter how technically secure your data is if it's protected by gullible humans. read more


A New Microchip Increases Military Intelligence

A new microchip could transform the 21st century battlefield  by bringing massive data crunching power to handheld devices. read more Do you know about RFID chips and how many you are carrying at this moment? What actually is an RFID chip? read more


What Motivates Cyber Criminals?

Most hackers are driven by financial gain, but it turns out that the Big Payday is a myth. How much do they really make from crime? read more


NSA Is Merging Hacker And Anti-Hacker Teams

A reorganisation of the NSA increases pressure on US spies to choose between keeping hackers out – or acting like them to gather intelligence. read more


Twitter Steps Up Efforts To Combat ISIS

Twitter says it is increasing efforts to combat extremism on the site. read more  While Tim Berners-Lee speaks out about the negativity and bullying of much social media. read more


Barely A Third of Energy Companies Track Cyber Threats

The energy sector faces more cyber attacks than any other industry, and attacks on industrial control system networks are on the rise. read more

The Blockchain Will Change The Property Business

Niche industries will be made more secure by the untamperable data record provided by blockchain technology. Including property. read more

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