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Newsletter January #4 2016

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The New Art of War – Cyber Conflict

Cyberwar isn't going to be about hacking power stations. It's going to be far more subtle and much more dangerous. read more


Is the US  Ready For Cyberwar?

Not only is cyberwar between major world powers inevitable, but the US has allowed itself to fall dangerously behind in preparing for it. read more


Organisations Have A False Sense of Data Security

Most organisations equate IT security compliance with actual strong defense, leaving their data at risk through a false sense of security. read more


2016 Is On The Cusp Of A Machine Revolution

The convergence of technologies across sensors, networks, artificial intelligence and robotics is making amazing things possible. read more


When ISIS Turns To Cyber Warfare

Cybersecurity software firm PKWare has made predictions for potential computer attacks in the US and the forecast is scary. read more  Now, hackers supportive of the Islamic State militant group have teamed up with the Pro-Palestinian hacking group AnonGhost. read more


US Says China Stole Military Robot Designs

The Chinese army allegedly hacked a QinetiQ specialist who worked on embedded software in microchips that control military robots. read more


Bitcoin Developer: Cryptocurrency Has Failed

A senior bitcoin developer has declared the cryptocurrency a failed experiment, blaming  the refusal to adopt new standards. read more


'I Hacked Citrix' - Mystery Russian 'w0rm'

Citrix, a US software company, specialising in virtualisation & cloud computing, has been compromised by a Russian hacker called w0rm. read more


Ukraine Is Blaming Russian State Sponsored Hackers

The Ukrainian Government continues to suffer from a series of power outages likely caused by cyber attacks caused by Russian hackers. read more


World Economic Forum Says  Cyber-attack Is A Top Risk To Business

WEF Global Risks Report says that in 140 economies  cyber-attacks rank in the top ten threats in 2016. read more


Another List Of Top Security Predictions For 2016

Ransom, Extortion, Internet Ghosts: Here are some more best guesses about security threats 2016. read more


Education: Introvert Personalities Go Mobile & Online

Educators are making the transition to tech-enabled discussions. read more


Skills Shortage: How Much Are You Worth?

This intriguing new online tool tells you what you should be earning from automated analysis of your CV. read more


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With Best Wishes To Our Readers For A Successful & Secure 2016

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