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Newsletter July #3 2016

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Turkish Coup: Attempt To Block Internet Fails

Attempts at blocking or slowing access to social media networks amid an attempted military coup in Turkey failed. read more


The Global War of Narratives & The Role of Social Media

The unique characteristic of social media is that it empowers and enables individuals to engage in ways previously  unseen. Opinion by Anja Kaspersen. read more


SOLD: A Strategic Company. The Internet of Things & How ARM Fits In

ARM Holdings designs mobile and low-power chips found in many IoT devices, the servers that connect them & the devices used to control them. read more


Dallas Shooting: US Police Robot Kills Suspect

Texas' Police lethal use of a bomb-disposal robot worries legal experts who say it creates gray area in the use of deadly force by law enforcement. read more


Ukraine Crisis Fits Cyber War Narrative

It looks like there is a direct connection between the geopolitical climate in combat-torn Ukraine and the increase in cybercriminal activity. read more


Healthcare CISOs Find Security Vendors Over-promising

Chief Information Security Officers have enough to do trying to safeguard hospitals from an ever-evolving array of cyber risks & privacy threats. read more


Retail Banks Will be Dead  Within A Decade

Experts say that Finаnсе will be thе most disrupted induѕtrу in the nеxt 10 уеаrѕ. Retail banking as we know it will die. read more


Bank of England: Cyberattacks A 'Clear and Present Danger'

The Bank of England's CISO says cyber-attacks are an ongoing danger for firms and building defenses is not just a technical issue. read more


Malware Targeting Energy Companies

Security researchers have discovered a new malware threat that goes to great lengths to remain undetected while targeting energy companies. read more


UK National Crime Agency: Criminals Are Winning 'Cyber Arms Race'

British businesses and law enforcement agencies are losing the "cyber arms race" with online criminals. read more


UK IP Bill Will Allow Government To Spy On Journalists

The Investigatory Powers Bill will allow the UK Intelligence services and Police to monitor and access journalists' Internet, phone & data records. read more


Hackers Target Thousands  of GMails

Google Alert: "Government-backed hackers may be trying to steal your password," read more

British Royal Navy Drone Ships Will Replace Sailors

Unmanned vessels will become central to efforts in minesweeping and anti-terror missions & will eventually replace most manned ships. read more

Industrialisation Of Cybercrime Is Disrupting Business

Only 20% of IT decision makers in large multinational corporations are confident their organisation is fully prepared to resist attacks by cybercriminals. read more

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