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Newsletter March #2 2016

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Apple v FBI: The US Debates Privacy

Is there such a thing as security that is so good that it's a danger to society? read more


Japan's Critical Infrastructure Under Cyberattack

Waves of cyber attacks against key industries  across Japan, S. Korea, the United States, Europe and other Southeast Asian countries. But where from? read more


Canada Cuts 5 Eye Intelligence Sharing

Canada slams on the brakes on sharing some communications intelligence out of fear that Canadians' personal information is unprotected. read more


8 in 10 IT Pros Believe Data Is Cloud Safer

Most professionals believe that when facing hardware malfunctions & environmental disasters, their data is safer in the cloud than on premises. read more


Reduce Risk With Threat Intelligence

Do you want to be more proactive in managing risk? What is the risk if you don't pay attention to knowledge learned from previous events? read more


Many Organisations Are Too Lax About Mobile Data Threats

Mobile devices can be a critical part of any cyber attack and mobile data breaches are more common than you might think. read more


US Military Are Doubling Down On Robot Wars

The US military are investing heavily in a new generation of unmanned, autonomous weapons. read more But one ethics expert thinks they should make a start setting some rules limiting their development and use. read more


Open Source Intelligence: Special Ops In Syria Exposed

An unparalleled level of transparency accessible at the click of a mouse is exposing the deployment of military assets. read more


ISIS Hack The Wrong Google

Hackers affiliated with ISIS who promised to take down Google appear to have mistakenly attacked the wrong target. read more  And The US military is ramping up its offensive cyberattacks on the Islamic militant group, targeting the group's abilities to use social media. read more


Cyber Criminals Have Evolving Tactics

The financial world should be bracing itself for what is set to be a big year for cyber-crime, according to ThreatMetrix's new report. read more


A Cashless Society? Be Careful What You Wish For

Cash is being rapidly dethroned as increasing numbers of countries focus on digitalizing their economies. read more


Cool Job: Professor of Intelligence Analysis Program

James Madison University are looking for someone to teach the next generation of intelligence analysts & cyberspies. read more

Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War

Fred Kaplan's Secret History of Cyberwar: When it comes to the questions of conflict in the digital age, "we're wandering in dark territory." read more

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