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Newsletter March #4 2016

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Ukraine Blackout – The Future Of War

To see how cyber will play into armed conflict from now on, look no further than the wave of attacks on the Ukrainian energy sector. read more


Google's AI Wins Final Go Challenge

Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence has secured its fourth conclusive win over a master player, in the final of a five-match challenge. read more


The Vocabularist: How We Use The Word 'Cyber'

The prefix "cyber-"  now denotes words to do with the Internet, although it has followed an eventful path to reach its modern meaning. read more


Now Surveillance is 'aggressive-invasive': Snowden

Edward Snowden, known for revealing the extent of surveillance by US intelligence, says it is "more aggressive and invasive today than it was before". read more


NSA Using The Cloud To Thwart The Next Snowden

In a post-Snowden world, is it really a good idea to have analysts swimming around in one vast ocean of NSA secrets and data? read more


Former CIA Director Calls Out The FBI Over iPhone Backdoor

The FBI's demand that Apple create a custom version of iOS that would allow them to hack an iPhone has Americans divided into two camps. read more


Is Apple Right To Resist The FBI?

The FBI wants Apple to do something no private company has ever been forced to do: to break its own technology. read more


Now China Wants The FBI's Help With Internet Security

China wants to have deeper Internet security, anti-terrorism and corruption cooperation with the United States. read more


U-Upload : Knowledge Straight To Your Brain

Researchers from HRL Laboratories say they have found a way to manipulate the brain to greatly amplify learning. read more


The Future Of Big Data – Some Predictions

Almost everyone can agree that big data has taken the business world by storm, but what's next? read more


North Korea Denies Cyber Attacks On South Korea

North Korea denies it conducted cyber attacks against officials from South Korea, calling the South's accusation that it did so a "fabrication". read more


C-Suite: How To Deal With PR & Press After An Attack (£)

Taking The Blame: Executives must review how their business decisions will be critically examined after a cyber attack takes place. premium subscribers  read more

Cybercrime Is Changing

The anonymous and borderless nature of cybercrime puts every organisation at potential risk. read more

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