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Newsletter September #3 2016

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Obama Warns Of Russian Cyber Warfare Threat

The US President warns there is a risk of a 'Wild West' style escalating struggle between the US and other cyber-equipped powers. read more


Snowden: NSA Hacking Tools Leak Is 'a warning'

From safety in Moscow and with a new film coming out, Edward Snowden opens up about his thoughts on the NSA Equation Group hack. read more


Does Russia Benefit When Assange Reveals Secrets?

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are back in the spotlight, with new disclosures and a promise of more to come. But who really benefits? read more


Financial Institutions & Cybercrime

Major thefts, including giant frauds against the SWIFT bank network, show the dangers posed by cybercrime to the international financial system. read more


After A $65m Hack, Is Bitcoin Really Secure?

It seemed bitcoin exchange Bitfinex was doing all the right things. But that didn't stop hackers from stealing $65 million. read more


Cybercrime & Cyberwar: A Spotter's Guide

Cybercriminals are as varied as other Internet users: They have different tools, objectives & specialties. Understanding them can help defend against them. read more


Critical Infrastructure Is The Next Target

The way we think about cyber-attacks has changed since Ukraine experienced the first recorded power outage caused by a cyber-attack. read more


US Spy Agencies Will Analyse Insider Threats

Feeling Sentimental: A US spy agency plans to identify the people inside the organization most likely to abuse their access privileges by analysing text. read more


Leak Spotlights NSA's Conflicting Missions

As well as spying overseas, the NSA has a lesser-known but growing role of helping to protect the US government's sensitive data. read more


Mass Surveillance: Cuba Filters Text Messages

Cuba Libre: A mass surveillance program targeting mobile phone users is based on key search terms like 'democracy' and 'human rights'. read more


IBM's Watson Takes Aim At CyberSecurity

IBM has launched a new cloud-based version of the company's cognitive computing technology to tackle the rising challenges of cyber security. read more


How Hackers Infiltrate Systems

To defend your organisation against both complex and simple attacks, start thinking like a hacker. read more

Self-Driving Cars On The Market In 2019

MobileEye and Delphi are cooperating to offer vehicle manufacturers an end-to-end technology platform to make mass-market driverless cars. read more

The 3 Biggest Mistakes In Cybersecurity

Don't risk losing the cyber war by avoiding these three critical mistakes. read more

China Puts Quantum Encryption Into Orbit

Launched: A new satellite designed to establish ultra-secure quantum communications by transmitting uncrackable keys from space. read more

Snowden - Hero or Villain?

Oliver Stone's new feature film is released this week and raises quite a few questions: If Snowden is a hero why is he hiding in Moscow? If he's a villain, why does he want to go home? (Video) 

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