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Newsletter December #3 2017

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Merry Christmas & Best Wishes To Our Readers And Subscribers

We will be back in the New Year with Newsletter#1 2018 on January 4th. Please check the website for news over the holiday period. read more


Digital Risks Are Changing And CSOs Must Adapt

CSOs must expand their reach not only to monitor tangible risks, but also to address the uninsured risks that live in the digital world. read more


Cyber Criminals Are The New Mafia

New participants have transformed cybercrime from isolated, individual acts into pervasive, savage practices run by distinct groups. read more


The Current Threat Of Global Cyber Warfare

Government and corporate cyber resources are under attack around the globe. Cyber warfare is a real threat and it is happening now. read more


MH370 Loss Could Have Been A Remote Skyjacking

It emerges that the missing aircraft was fitted with a post 9/11 'uninterruptible' autopilot system capable of being hacked & remotely controlled. read more


Undersea Telecoms Cables Are Interception Targets

Undersea cables carrying vital data are essential to modern communications but lack both physical and legal protections. That's a problem. read more


Russia Will Build A Separate Internet Directory

The Russian government plans to build an “independent internet” for BRIC nations as an alternative to the global Domain Name System. read more


96 Hours To Pay Up Or Spider Ransomware Deletes Your Files

To avoid the Spider Virus users should be cautious of encrypted Windows documents that contain a message to enable macros. read more


Google To Open An AI Centre In Beijing

Google's search engine is blocked in China, yet both  have ambitions to become AI superpowers and that's enough to overcome their differences. read more


Russian Hackers Steal $10M From Banks

The MoneyTaker group broke into 20 systems, which includes 15 US lenders, targeting ATMs and Russia’s interbank money-transfer system. read more


Flying Drones Scan Packages 24/7

Its starting to feel a bit like Christmas in the automated distribution warehouse, where drones and robots are overtaking Santa's little helpers. read more


Get Into Gear On GDPR

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 represents a watershed moment for data regulation. read more


Why Is The Price Of Bitcoin So High?

Some think the rise is happening because of market manipulation. Others think the real value of Bitcoin is not driven by price but by its utility. read more


The GDPR Advisory Board Offers Expert Advice

The GDPR Advisory Board is an accessible, authoritative platform for organisations baffled by the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). read more


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