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Newsletter February #3 2017

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Who Owns The Data From The IoT?

Many organisations are beginning to monetise information and to pass their IoT data to third parties. But who owns it and is it theirs to sell? read more


An Intelligence Crisis In Moscow

Russia is hunting for moles in its security apparatus who might have leaked information about efforts to influence the US presidential election. read more


GCHQ Is Investing In Cyber-Security Start-Ups

The UK's intelligence agency GCHQ is backing a new hub for tech start-ups in a rare glimpse into its approach to cybersecurity. read more


Blockchain's Brilliant Approach To Cyber Security

The Blockchain's alternative approach to storing and sharing information provides a tool to prevent cyberattacks and to maintain security. read more


Cybersecurity In 2017: Recruitment Is The Key

Help Wanted: McAfee estimates that there will be two million unfilled job positions in the cybersecurity sector within the next two years. read more


Police Using IoT To Detect Crime

Just the Beginning: A local US Police force is trying to access the records of an Amazon Echo device as evidence in a murder investigation. read more


UK Fraud Hits £1.1bn As Cyber Crime Soars

A 55% year-on-year rise in the value of reported fraud to £1.1bn is a warning about increasing cybercrime. read more


BYOD Security Is Critical For Business

The prevalence of bring-your-own-device culture in the corporate world means workers can be more productive & connected. More vulnerable, too. read more


WikiLeaks Wants A Database To Verify Twitter Users

After years of campaigning for transparency WikiLeaks now says it wants to build a surveillance database of it's own. read more


Stolen Health Records Flooding Dark Web Markets

The large amount of stolen patient data posted for sale on the dark web in recent months has caused prices for most of those records to drop. read more


Non-Secure IoT Devices Are Powerful Weapons

The experts at ICIT think the future of  IoT devices needs to be secured by designing in and embedding security features from the bottom up. read more


Cyber Security Checklist (£)

Cyber attacks are increasing, becoming both more focused and more damaging, targeting sensitive financial & commercial data. Protect your organisation. read more


Give Children More Control Of Data Privacy

The UK's Children's Commissioner is calling for stronger privacy settings for youngsters, amid fears their personal information is being exploited. read more

Hologram Technology Is Finding Military Users

Microsoft's HoloLens hologram headset systems are already being used in the Australian, Ukrainian and Israeli armies. read more

Yahoo Spins A Cautionary Tale Dealing With Data Privacy

Why did it take so long for the Yahoo! hack to come to light?  Opinion by Emily Taylor & Joyce Hakmeh read more

Fallout In Russia : One Death & Three Cyber Spies Arrested

There is a purge of the Russian espionage establishment in progress and it has something to do with the election of President Trump. read more

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