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Newsletter January #2 2017

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Ransom Worm: The Next Level Of Cybersecurity

Holding your data hostage and seeking cash payment is bad enough. The next stage of ransomware is going to be even worse. read more


How AI Will Solve The Skills Shortage

Just as the Internet revolutionised IT in the last 25 years, the current trajectory places Artificial Intelligence squarely at the next big technology inflection point. read more


Virtual Reality Is Getting Real In 2017

Is VR going to become the next major computing platform, in the same way that mobile phones have superceded desktop PCs? read more


Trump Offers A Cyber Security Warning

Donald Trump says no computer is safe and weighs in on IT security: If you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier. read more


Shades of Watergate – The Fake Russian Hacking

Does the 1972 Watergate scandal cast light on current accusations of Russian hacking & threats to US critical infrastructure? Opinion by Annie Machon  read more


Surprise: Snowden Knows Some Russian Spies

Edward Snowden "has had and continues to have contact" with Russian intelligence services since reaching safety in Moscow three years ago. read more


Will It Be Possible To Hack Connected Nuclear Weapons?

The US Air Force is upgrading it's strategic missile systems and in the future nuclear warheads will be networked, with a greater potential for mishaps. Is that wise? read more


The Digital Transformation Of The Humanitarian Sector

No industry is immune to being disrupted by technology and that includes conflict and humanitarian relief. Opinion by Anje Kaspersen read more


CIOs Defend Against Cybersecurity Threats Using Behavioral Analytics

Anomaly-detecting analytics can help anticipate and detect a variety of threats, including phishing scams and advanced persistent threats. read more


Seamless Bio Electronic Devices

Bio Electronics: Harnessing biological rules to exchange information between the biochemistry of our bodies and the chemistry of our electronic devices. read more


The  Driverless Future Won't Start With Self-driving Cars

Look Out! You are more likely to see a driverless truck on the motorway before you see a self-driving car. read more


Digital Forensics, Incident Response & Attribution

Right now, the cost of not taking cyber security seriously  is just like the cost of not having your business properly insured. read more


Company Boards Need To Get A Grip.

Corporate leaders, especially boards of directors, aren't taking the necessary actions to defend their companies against cyber attacks. read more

Are CIOs Neglecting Business Process Management?

Improving business processes can lead to clear benefits in procuring operational efficiency and gaining a competitive business advantage. read more

Russia Waging Cyberwar On Ukraine

Silent War: The Ukrainian President says Russian security services are waging a cyberwar against his country. read more

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