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Newsletter July #3 2017

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WikiLeaks Reveals Credentials Malware

Both WannaCry and Petya ransomware attack waves are thought to originate in stolen NSA exploits. Wikileaks reveals there are many more. read more


Russia Suspected As Hackers Breach Power Plant Systems

Hackers working for a foreign government have breached at least a dozen US power plants, searching for vulnerabilities in the electrical grid. read more


Half Of US Firms Do Not Buy Cyber Insurance

A full 50 percent of US firms do not have cyber risk insurance and 27percent of US executives say their firms have no plans to take out a cyber policy. read more


Who Is Behind Petya?

Petya has several different names, but the experts at ESET say the origins of this destructive ransomware point in one direction. read more


British Businesses Are Unaware Of Data Protection Laws

Almost two-thirds of British businesses are unaware they could face fines of up to €20million with the introduction of GPPR. read more


Biometric Products Can Help Cybersecurity

65 Percent of large firms in the UK detected a cybersecurity breach or attack in the past year.  Adding biometrics to cybersecurity could fix that. read more


Do British Police Take Cyber Crime Seriously?

The UK National Audit Office reports that regional police forces are overlooking the growth in cybercrime. Police chiefs say they are trying to respond. read more


Reinventing Cold War Spy Craft

State-sponsored hackers are adopting classic espionage techniques which are being reinvented for the modern era of spying. read more


Terrorist Activities On Social Media

The financial services sector is required to report suspicious transactions. Should the same apply to suspicious communications on social media? read more


Cyber Caliphate's Scorecard

The Cyber Caliphate is really good at social media & communications but is still learning when it comes to cyber attack expertise. read more


Find Your Digital Risk

A comprehensive assessment of your digital risk starts with knowing where to find it; the Dark Web is a good place to start looking. read more


AI And Robotics Can Fight Cyber Crime

New techniques in AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing  can massively improve the speed of cyber crime detection & prevention. read more


Cultural Strategies For Data Security (£)

As the volume of data collected throughout organisation increases, the management of that data has to change. read more

US Needs To Get Its Data Ready For GDPR

The GDPR harmonises data privacy laws, empowers EU citizens’ data privacy and will reshape the way businesses approach data privacy. US organisations need to get ready. read more

The Darkening Web: Alexander Klimburg 

The Internet is under attack, and not just by hackers, thieves and spies. Cyberspace is becoming a war zone in a new era of ideological combat. read more

US Marines Embrace Cyber Warfare

In the Halls of Montezuma: Collecting enemy cellphones, gathering forensic intelligence, flying surveillance drones and electromagnetic disruption. read more

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