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Newsletter July #4 2017

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Dark Web Marketplaces Shut Down

AlphaBay and Hansa, two of the largest “dark web” marketplaces for illegal and illicit items such as drugs and guns, have been shut down. read more


Global Cyber Attack Could Cost $53Billion.

Insurance experts at Lloyds calculate that the cost of a major cyber attack would equal the economic losses from a catastrophic natural disaster. read more


Guide to Russian Infrastructure Hacking

Which of the numerous Russian hacker groups has been attempting to infiltrate the US power generation infrastructure? read more


US Steps Up Its Cyberwar Capability

The NSA and Cyber Command are likely to separate, reforming the chain of command for defensive & offensive cyber operations to combat IS and other foes. read more


Cyber Warfare Takes A New Turn

Recent ransomware attacks are masking a bigger issue in cyberwar - which is that chaos and disruption on the Internet are the new normal. read more


Cyber Attacks Demonstrate  Why The Cloud Is Safer

Both WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks are a timely reminder of why the cloud is a safer place to store your critical data. read more


Can We Stop Algorithms Telling Lies?

Most important moments where people interact with large bureaucratic systems involve an algorithm in the form of a scoring system. That's a problem. read more


Predicting Crime From Open Source Data

The criminal justice system produces reams of data and a new crime prediction technology is being deployed that can transform policing. read more


Key Concepts For Understanding Artificial Intelligence

AI has innovative uses across all industry segments, helping diagnose and solve problems faster and enabling consumers to do amazing things. read more


The Impact Of AI On Employment Demands New Thinking

The challenge of protecting traditional jobs from the impact of globalisation will be further complicated by the effects of AI and automation. read more


Google Wants To Mimic The Human Brain

Google is proposing a template for creating a single machine learning model that can address multiple tasks, emulating human intelligence. read more


The Insider Threat

The biggest single threat to data security is already inside the building and insider threats can be especially hard to guard against. read more

Cyber Security Myths for SMEs (£)

The average cost of a hack-attack to small & medium businesses exceeds $3m and that is only expected to increase. read more

Australia Wants Tech Businesses To Act On Extremism

Australian PM tells Internet companies to move faster to remove extremist content and to address the “problem” of encrypted messages. read more

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