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Newsletter May #3 2017

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Massive Ransom Attack Hits 99 Countries

Biggest Ransomware Attack In History: British Healthcare, Russian and Spanish Telecoms, US Logistics & critical infrastructure worldwide taken down. read more


Microsoft, Kaspersky & Symnantec Weigh In On WannaCry Ransomware

Top security firms have found evidence linking the WannaCry ransomware attack to the prolific North Korean Cybergang known as Lazarus Group. read more


National Security Chief Talks About The UK’s Cyber Dangers

The UK National Cyber Security Centre's Chief Executive Ciaran Martin talks about the Cyber threat to the UK and what is being done about it. read more


Systemic Cyber Attacks Most Likely In Finance & Energy Industries

Experts at insurance giant AIG have identified the industry sectors at highest risk to systemic threats. read more


What Every CISO Needs To Know

Enterprises are under an endless stream of cyber attacks. The sophistication of these attacks is evolving and prioritization is essential. read more


Bank Data Breaches Are Up And It's An Inside Job

Bank breaches are not always due to legacy operating systems or their inability to cope with new forms of cyber attacks. There is human error. read more


Macron Hackers Linked To Russian Intelligence

President Macron's campaign team used some effective countermeasures to diminish the impact of a stolen data dump on their candidate. read more


Cybersecurity Has A Metrics Problem

Building security metrics, measuring risk and improving cyber incident communications in your organisation aren’t “one and done” processes. read more


Germany May Go Offensive After Russian Cyber Attacks

German security chief wants the legal authority to "wipe out" servers the Russian government used to deploy cyber attacks against Germany. read more


Hackers Stole A £60,000 BMW

Using only a signal boosting device hidden in a plastic bag, thieves were able to unlock a modern BMW car and drive it away. read more


Facebook Pays For Fake News Ads In UK Press

Facebook is under fresh political pressure to tackle fake news in the run up to the UK general election. read more


The Reality is Everyone Hacks… Everyone

Eugene Kaspersky: When it comes to state-sponsored hacking, espionage and propaganda, no country should be presumed innocent. read more


Darktrace Forms Cybersecurity Partnership With Siemens

A new strategic partnership to bring cutting-edge cyber defense for operational technology in the electric utilities and oil & gas industries. read more

Global C4ISR Has A Cyber Warfare Surge

C4ISR refers to Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance. It's a growing market. read more

Threat Intelligence Starter Resources

Creating a threat intelligence capability can be a challenging undertaking and not all companies are ready for it. read more

Cyber Spies Go Mainstream

Cyber espionage appears to have hit the mainstream as the most popular attack method in the public sector, education & manufacturing industries. read more

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