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Newsletter November #1 2017

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Israeli Spies Hacked Kaspersky

Israeli agents hacked the leading cybersecurity firm Kaspersky to get crucial evidence to ban the Russian company from supplying the US government. read more


Microsoft Cloud Hosting US Spy Data

Outsourced: Microsoft’s secret cloud is a physically isolated infrastructure located in a secure facility operating under cleared personnel. read more


Hillary Clinton’s Cyber Warfare Warning

The US 2016 Presidential elections have shown that the tools are there for a foreign power to undermine citizens’ faith in their leaders and their democracy. read more


UK Health Service Should Have Prevented WannaCry Attack

NHS hospitals & patient data were left vulnerable to a major ransomware attack because cybersecurity recommendations were not followed. read more


Postmortem: WannaCry Ransomware Explained

WannaCry ransomware consists of multiple components infecting Windows operating systems. But the speed of its spread is something special. read more


Innovation in Cloud-Based Video Analytics

Video analytics for the security industry is going through a rapid technological shift  to smarter cloud-based, real-time and pro-active systems. read more


‘Bad Rabbit’ Cyber Attack Hits Russia & Ukraine

Malware caused a shutdown of Russia's main news agency and Ukraine's air transport system in a well co-ordinated campaign. read more


New IoT Botnet Storm Is Coming

Storm clouds are gathering. A new Botnet is recruiting IoT devices at a far greater pace and with more potential damage than Mirai. read more


N.Korea Will Target UK Financial Services

They are after our money: Former GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan says N. Korea will get more aggressive in targeting the UK finance sector. read more


A New Approach To Combat Phishing

Major data breaches can start with a simple email. But providing employee training to combat phishing is a failing strategy. read more


Facial Recognition Works on iPhone X. Sometimes.

The iPhone X might be the future of Apple’s smartphone design but its innovative Face ID  struggles with under 13s, siblings and twins. read more


Nuclear Missiles Are Not N.Korea’s Only Threat

North Korea has launched 22 missiles in 15 tests in 2017. But the true risk is lies in its cyberattack capabilities, which are in very active service. read more

Big Data And Policing

Big data technology is revolutionising many domains, including the retail, healthcare and transportation sectors. Not so for British policing. read more

Insurance Will Reduce Cyber Losses

Increasingly serious and large-scale cyberattacks are creating problems for companies and their customers of all sizes and on all levels. read more

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