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Newsletter November #5 2017

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The US National Security Agency Is On The Ropes

Serial leaks of the agency's cyber-weapons have damaged morale, slowed intelligence operations & resulted in attacks on businesses worldwide. read more


N Korea Is Ready For Global Cyber Conflict

Not content with ICBMs, N Korea is clearly capable of causing damage worldwide through cyber-attacks on selected targets in defense, industry and media. read more


Apple Must Fix Its Embarrassing Password Bug

Oops. A security researcher has uncovered a bug in Apple macOS High Sierra so remarkably simple, it is described  as a "howler" and "embarrassing". read more


Who's Responsible for Cloud Security?

While the cloud brings benefits, security remains a particular area of concern for US government agencies and it’s not always clear who’s in charge. read more


Social Media & Crisis Management

Social media has the power to connect people instantly. For security managers, it's the most powerful tool for controlling information. read more


Russia Is Building Killer Robots

Russia has successfully undermined the UN Experts Group attempts to place limits on the development of lethal autonomous 'Killer Robot' weapons. read more


Cyber Defense Is All About Political Decisions

One of the things democracies are least prepared to handle about a cyberattack is how quickly the response to it turns into a political controversy. read more


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & All Tomorrows Wars

An Experts Group on robotics and AI have sent a warning letter to the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. Is anyone listening? read more  


Saudi Arabia Under Attack

Muddy Water: Saudi Arabian security officials admit that the country has been targeted as part of a wide-ranging cyber espionage campaign. read more


3D Mapping Can Locate Survivors In Burning Buildings

Researchers are working on signal processing methods for imaging & material characterisation which, combined with radar, could be life-saving. read more


GDPR Will Impact Data Management

You don’t have to have physical operations in Europe to be affected by the GDPR and failure to prepare could result in crippling fines. read more


Startups Are Changing The Future Of Cybersecurity

The 2017 WIRED Security Conference cast a spotlight for investors on some of the brightest prospects in the cybersecurity startup sector. read more


US Will Be Ready To Fight Hybrid War By 2030

The US Army expects lethal attacks in multiple domains, land, sea, air, space and cyberspace, blurring the distinction between peace and war. read more

Cyber Criminals Stealing Reward Points & Air-Miles

Russian-speaking countries pose the “number one cyber-crime threat to the UK” as cyber criminals focus on stealing victims' reward points.  read more

Uber Wants 24,000 Driverless Volvos

Volvo says it will  supply Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group with 24,000 XC90 SUVs equipped with autonomous self-driving technology. read more

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