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Newsletter September #1 2017

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How Worried Should We Be About a Nuclear War With North Korea?

Rhetoric from both Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump has raised the spectre of nuclear war. Is there a  risk of miscalculation? Opinion by Patricia Lewis read more


‘Decoys’ To Reinforce Japan’s Defenses Against Cyberattacks

As regional tensions deepen, Japan’s Communications Ministry is creating decoy computer systems to combat cyber-attacks. read more


ISIS Video Threatens More Terror In Spain

Following the murderous assaults in Barcelona ISIS have released a new video threatening Spain with more terrorist attacks. read more


Will GDPR Protect Privacy Or Just Lead To More Hacks?

Implementation of the new EU Data Protection Regulations will create some unintended and possibly unwelcome consequences. read more


GDPR - 10 Things You Must Know

GDPR is  a very big deal for all companies who send emails to their customers or have any sort of email communication. By Matt O'Byrne read more


A Revolution In Warfare Made Possible By AI

AI is revolutionising warfare in ways similar to the invention of nuclear arms and in the same way could ultimately destroy humanity. read more


Uber’s U-Turn On User Watching

Uber will stop its controversial practice of tracking users for up to five minutes after a trip has ended, as it attempts to improve its public image. read more


Trump's Top Cybersecurity Advisors Resign

Several leading members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC), part of US Homeland Security, have resigned. Why? read more


Businesses Need Cyber Insurance – Now!

The major risk to businesses victimised by cyber breaches is the reputational damage that can follow. read more


A New Form Of Ransomware Attacks UK Hospital

An NHS hospital group in Scotland which suffered at the hands of the WannaCry outbreak has fallen victim to a further ransomware attack. read more


4 Ways to Simplify Your Business Data Management

Enterprise IT managers have more data to manage than ever. Is your business trying to to manage data growth without scaling the budget? read more


'Killer Robot' Warfare Is Coming Closer

Top robotics experts write a letter to the UN  calling for a ban on the development of "killer robots" and warning of a new arms race. read more


Russian Hackers Feel The Heat

Used to operating with impunity, Russian cyber criminals are getting worried that US prosecutions will lead to further arrests aimed at closing them down. read more

UK Tech Industry Wrote Women Out Of History

The British computing industry lost its edge when it removed women - and ultimately, the move destroyed it. read more

Cybersecurity Rules For Autonomous Vehicles

The British Government has set out the key principles of vehicle cyber security for connected and automated vehicles in the UK. read more

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