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Newsletter April #3 2018

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UK Launches Cyber Attacks On Islamic State

GCHQ says the UK has conducted a "major offensive cyber-campaign" against the Islamic State group. read more


Vigilante Hackers Attack Nation States

Self-styled 'vigilante' hackers have carried out attacks on  Russian and Iranian election infrastructure. Who would do that?   read more


Offensive Cyber Attacks Should Balance Lawful Deterrence With Risks Of Escalation

A government contemplating the use of offensive cyber operations will need to consider the precedents – or the lack of them. read more


What Does GDPR Mean For The Retail Industry?

Retailers collect masses of personal data from customers/client emails and payment details. All shortly to be subject to GDPR.  By Alfred Rolington read more


Regulation Might Protect Facebook

Regulation might actually protect Facebook from competitors. Breakup, not regulation, is the threat that Mark Zuckerberg really fears. read more


Cyber Criminals Have Ingenious Money Laundering Methods

Cyber criminals are using a combination of cryptocurrencies, gaming currencies and micro-payments to launder $200bn of stolen money. read more


UK Police Cybercrime Training

British police have spent a measly £1.3m on cybercrime training for officers in the last three years, yet cyber skills are vital for modern policing. read more


How to Improve Cyber Security Awareness In Your Organisation

CIOs can help combat the ever-evolving threats occurring in the workplace by highlighting security issues and raising overall awareness. read more


The Pentagon Is Busy Integrating Cyber Into Its Battle Plans

US Cyber Command is emerging as a unified combat command, integrating cyber planning and effects into traditional military operations. read more


The Deep State’s Influence On The US Presidency

It is 5 years since rogue NSA contractor Edward Snowden fled to Moscow where, safe from prosecution, he reflects on the corrupting power of secrecy. read more


The US Power Grid Needs Better Security

Most Americans think the US government is not doing enough to protect the electric grid from cyber attacks. Their fears appear to be justified. read more


Human vs Machine Attack Response

Machine automation gives attackers the ability to quickly scale up attacks far beyond human capacity. But it has its limits. read more


NATO & EU Form Cybersecurity Partnership

NATO and the European Union are improving information sharing on cyber threats and strengthening collaboration on potential solutions. read more

Australia’s Cybersecurity Adviser Calls For Privacy

Australia's national cybersecurity adviser has urged social media companies to improve the way they treat personal data. read more

GDPR Countdown

When did your company become aware of the General Data Protection Regulation and the need to do something about it? read more

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