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Newsletter April #4 2018

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Cyber Attacks Focus On Healthcare

Healthcare is now the most vulnerable industry to data breaches, accounting for 60% percent of all breaches in 2016 at a cost of $1.2 billion. read more


Six Myths About  GDPR

Despite months of publicity about GDPR, including the potential benefits of compliance, very few organisations are ready for the May 25th deadline. read more


Increase In State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

States that would be too small to consider starting a traditional war now see opportunities to wage cyber war and strike virtual blows. read more


Leaked Emails Expose Russian Exploits In Ukraine

Kompromat: A cache of leaked documents seems to show what the Kremlin is prepared to pay for hacking, propaganda and deception operations. read more


A New Cold War Will Not Be Based On Hardware

Russia's use of 'fake news' and asymmetrical warfare techniques is compensating for its weakness in more traditional military capabilities. read more


The Apps that Map Violence

Residents of Rio de Janeiro are flocking to use crowdsourcing apps and following the social network pages of crime-watch groups for safety. read more


A New Distributed Database Adds GDPR Controls

The company with a terrible name introduces a useful new cloud data product to facilitate automated multi-territory compliance with GDPR. read more


The Cambridge Analytica Scandal 'highlights need for AI regulation'

British legislators are worried about the potential for misuse & monopolisation of data by big technology companies operating in the UK. read more


How AI Will Define New Industries

AI expertise is more focused on commercial applications that optimise efficiencies in existing industries than on those that build new industries. read more


Swedes Turn Against Cashlessness

Sweden’s central bank governor has called for public control over its payment system. ‘Being cash-free puts us at risk of attack': read more


Will AI Replace Most Jobs?

The persistent question about artificial intelligence, or “robots” in common parlance, is whether they will make human workers obsolete. read more


A Device That Hears Your Inner Voice

MIT researchers invent a wearable device that can read people’s internal voice, allowing them to control devices and ask queries without speaking. read more


The Cyber Threat To Airports

The aviation industry is growing increasingly concerned about the range of sophisticated cyber threats faced by airlines and airport systems. read more

Artificial Intelligence Is Too Narrow

AI is based on sophisticated algorithms and the brute force of enormous computing power. This makes it powerful, but its very specificity is a problem. read more

Google Chairman Unaware Of Pentagon AI Project

Google is bidding for a multi-billion dollar Pentagon cloud contract. Which comes as news to the company Chairman, Eric Schmidt. read more

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