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Newsletter February #2 2018

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GDPR For Dummies

GDPR Explained: Short attention span? Too busy? Somebody else's problem? Read this go-to, idiot proof one pager by the GDPR Advisory Board read more


Spy vs Spy: Cozy Bear Hackers Hacked

Dutch intelligence first  alerted US agencies about the Russian hack of the DNC after penetrating the Cozy Bears' servers and office CCTV. read more


Prime Minister Wants A 'fake news' Rapid Response Team

British Prime Minister Theresa May wants a "fake news" rapid response unit to monitor social media and challenge false stories. read more


Edward Snowden Calls For A Secret Memo To Remain Secret

Edward Snowden opposes US legislators' proposal to release a government memo full of classified information. Why would he do that? read more


Facebook & Google Are ‘A Menace to Society’

Facebook and Google have become “obstacles to innovation” and are a “menace” to society whose “days are numbered” according to George Soros. read more


AI Can Turn Hollywood Stars Into Pornographic Actors

The sex industry is turning to advanced machine learning technology to create fake pornography featuring legitimate actors and celebrities. read more


The AI Lock In Loop

Big technology companies are building AI into their products not only to outperform competitors but to create barriers to new entrants. read more


Russia's New Generation Of Military Robots

Russian defence technology is inching ahead of its competition in designing, testing & deploying a wide variety of unmanned systems harnessing AI. read more


Business Cybersecurity Strategy

While 93% of businesses surveyed regard it as important, only 56% have established a formal cyber security strategy. That is a taking a huge risk. read more


The GDPR Deadline Is Near & Business Is Not Ready

25th May 2018: Under half of businesses are aware of the forthcoming data protection laws they'll be subject to in just four months' time read more


Eight Ways Cyber Threats & Business Security Will Change in 2018

Aon’s 2018 Cybersecurity Predictions Report looks at the increasing scale of cyber attacks and predicts an expanding role for the Chief Risk Officer. read more


Alphabet Launches A Cybersecurity Company

Chronicle emerges from stealth mode as Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Nest, Waymo, and many other companies, launches a cybersecurity startup. read more


Munich Airport Opens A Cyber Attack Centre

Munich Airport has opened a dedicated centre to tackle the threat of cyber-attacks. It will be staffed by both IT specialists and  aviation experts. read more

High Tech Police Tool Up For Winter Olympics

S. Korea is planning to deploy 10,000 police officers in and around Pyeongchang to protect the events against cyber attacks & other disruption. read more

Drones: A Crowd-Management Solution

India is working on crowd-management solutions in public places using drones for both crowd management and infrastructure inspection. read more

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