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Major Chip Flaws Confirmed

Intel and ARM have discovered two significant embedded vulnerabilities in the microprocessors they manufacture which power many millions of devices. read more


Retaliation Against N Korea For WannaCry

The US and British governments appear to be preparing a cyber offensive against N. Korea in payback for the damaging Wannacry attack. read more


The Role Of Russian Influence In The Brexit Referendum Is Unclear

Despite mounting pressure, big social media firms are resisting requests for transparency over Russian interference with Brexit. By John Gallacher. read more


GDPR Compliance & Personal Data Protection

GDPR is a fantastic opportunity to get your  in-house policies, systems & technologies into shape, demonstrating compliance inside the deadline. read more


GCHQ Doubles Down On Cyber Weapons

As the threat of escalating cyber warfare looms, GCHQ has revealed the extent to which it has armed the UK with offensive cyber capabilities. read more


The Experimental Hybrid War In Ukraine

Against attacks which use the latest methods developed by Russia's top military theorists, Ukraine is a canary in the cyberspace coal mine. read more


FBI Fingerprint Software Might Contain Russian Code

Fingerprint analysis software sold to the FBI by a French company was secretly subcontracted to a Russian company that is employed by the FSB. read more


UK Cybersecurity Firm Sophos Is Trouncing Silicon Valley

Shares in Sophos have more than doubled in price in the last year, outpacing a number of well-known US rivals. What is going on? read more


Iran Turns Off The Internet

Iranians have taken to using VPNs and building apps to bypass the government's attempt to clamp down on protests by switching off the internet. read more


British Police Continue A Secret Snowden Investigation

The investigation into the the release to journalists of information on covert mass surveillance in the UK continues on the basis of 'counter terrorism'. read more


US Cyber Soldiers Go To The Battlefield

The US Army is beginning to combat opponents by 'non-kinetic means' and going on the offensive against enemy computer systems. read more


Canada’s Electronic Spies Unleashed

Sweeping new powers are proposed to enable Canada's security establishment to eavesdrop and launch offensive operations. Not everyone is happy about that. read more


Offensive Security, Cyber Insurance & Cryptocurrencies: 2018 Predictions

The CSO of the UK cybersecurity company SecureData shares his thoughts on the key trends that will impact cybersecurity in the year ahead. read more


Pentagon Seeks Laser-Powered Bat Drones

Flying robots that move like living animals, crafted of next-generation materials that draw their power not from batteries, but energy beamed from aircraft. read more

UK Police Give Cybercrime Warning

Hard drives stacked up waiting for analysis as cybercrime victims in N. Ireland face delays in police support as resources come under pressure. read more

Risky Business - Going Driverless In Moscow

Cruising the California freeways in an autonomous vehicle is one thing. Riding to your destination on the mean streets of Moscow is something else. read more

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