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Newsletter June #4 2018

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Trump / Kim Summit Attracts A Heavy Wave of Cyber Attacks

Cyberattacks targeting Singapore skyrocketed  during the Trump / Kim summit meeting, with 88% originating  from Russia. read more


NCSC Investigate Giant Dixons Data Breach

The NCSC is working alongside the retailer to detect the hackers who took 5.9 million payment card details and 1.2 million personal data records. read more


Expect A Cyber Attack On The FIFA World Cup In Russia

The Wold Cup could suffer attack vectors from fake ticket spam and infiltration attempts on governing body infrastructure with destructive payloads. read more


Facebook’s Head Of Policy Quits Amid Data Misuse Controversey

Facebook's Elliot Schrage is stepping down after a decade at the company, a rare departure among the senior ranks at the social network. read more


Israeli Cybersecurity Company Beats All Hackers

In a special challenge to hackers Cyber 2.0 offered a cash prize for any hacker able to penetrate the company's online defences. How did that go? read more


Chinese Hackers Steal Naval Warfare Secrets

A contractor using an unsecured network was the entry point for Chinese hackers to steal top secret data about the US Navy's submarine missiles. read more


GDPR Isn’t Enough Protection In An Age Of Smart Algorithms

GDPR protects personal information, but what about the highly valuable inferred data produced by algorithms and used by advertisers? read more


Deaths From Cyber Attacks

Attacks that cause physical harm to the systems that involve critical infrastructure are an emerging challenge and the consequences could be fatal. read more


Cryptocurrency Malware Theft Is Worth Millions

The market for malware and tools designed specifically for the theft of cryptocurrency is booming with $1.1 billion stolen this year. read more


Profile Of An Ethical Bug Hunter

Ethical hacking has moved on from academic researchers and lone wolf hackers and has become a big business, in the form of bug hunting. read more


With Robots In Control, Chemical Makers Fight For Formula Ownership

Industrial robots are absorbing huge quantities of sensitive data from both manufacturers and customers, modifying key formulations as they go. read more


Creating A Business AI Platform For Commercial Development

Some say that tackling business uncertainty can  be greatly assisted by artificial intelligence, but it is a many-layered and complex process. read more


How To Use AI & Predictive Analytics

Anticipate and prevent storage infrastructure problems by combining flash storage with cutting-edge predictive technology. read more


In Ireland, 50% of Attacks On SMEs Go Unreported

Like other smaller EU nations, Ireland's SMEs are highly vulnerable to online attacks and yet only a small fraction of these are reported to the Police. read more

Deloitte To Invest £430 Million On Cyberscurity Defences

The leading cybersecurity consulting firm has been embarrassed by recent breaches and plans to make a big investment in expanding its services. read more

World First Police 3D Security Scanner

SWORD: A smartphone app with facial recognition that can a detect a carried weapon or explosives without the need for a physical search. read more

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