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Newsletter May #1 2018

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AI Increases The Risks of Nuclear War

Artificial Intelligence could destabilise the delicate balance of nuclear deterrence, inching the world closer to catastrophe, according to RAND. read more


The Impact Of Cybercrime On UK Business

Government figures for 2017 reveal that almost half of all UK firms were hit by a cyber breach or attack in the previous year, costing £11 billion. read more


Website Linked To Attacks On UK Banks Is Shut Down

DDOS For Hire: A website linked to more than 4m cyber attacks worldwide, including against some of Britain’s biggest banks, has been shut down. read more


Blockchain And GDPR: A Rock And A Hard Place

The GDPR is centralised, restricted and removable while Blockchain is decentralised, distributed and  immutable. That's quite a contradiction. read more


Cybersecurity Advice For SMEs

Cybersecurity threats to business originate in the 1980s but many smaller organisations still don't understand the risks to their electronic systems. read more


Hackers Advertise Stolen Personal Data On Facebook

Criminals are using Facebook groups to advertise stolen credit card details, cyber-attacks and logins for hacked Amazon and Netflix accounts. read more


The Apps That Map Violence

Residents of Rio de Janeiro are flocking to use crowdsourcing apps and following the social network pages of crime-watch groups for safety. read more


DNA Data Storage Moves Closer To Becoming Reality

DNA might replace hard drives & other storage media and there is significant progress, including new, zero-error individual-file data retrieval. read more


Artificial Intelligence Is Too Narrow

AI  is based on sophisticated algorithms and the  brute force of huge computing power. This makes it powerful, but its very specificity is a problem. read more


How AI & Machine Learning Can Revolutionise eCommerce

Its Not Just Amazon: As the right data and expertise fall into place, AI and machine learning will be game changers for eCommerce brands. read more


AI And Blockchain In A Disruptive World

AI and blockchain enable a big threat from decentralisation but also create enormous opportunities for businesses to create powerful advantages from. read more


Six Steps to Protect Customer Data

Data abuse and mishandling can have grave consequences. The Internet Society has six recommendations to promote trust among users. read more


The Cyber Threat To Airports

The aviation industry is growing increasingly concerned about the range of sophisticated cyber threats faced by airlines and airport systems. read more

SpaceX Plan For 4k Satellite Broadband Network

SpaceX intends to  launch a network of thousands of satellites creating blanket global broadband coverage. read more

Facebook Could Save Your Life

Constant Surveillance Can Be Useful: First responders can now use a special Facebook service when conducting rescue missions. read more

Instagram Allows Users To Download Everything Shared

Instagram will let users download their personal data, including previously shared photos, videos and messages, as it prepares for GDPR. read more

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