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Newsletter September #3 2018

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A Cyber Attack Could Cause The Next Financial Crisis

The next crisis might come from a cyber attack that causes disruptions to financial services capabilities, especially global payments systems. read more


The BA Hack And How Not To Respond To A Cyber Attack

There have been poor responses to cyber attacks on major companies before, but the airline’s actions could be one of weakest in recent history. read more


GCHQ Data Collection Violated Rights To Privacy

GCHQ’s methods of bulk interception of online communications violated privacy rules and failed to provide sufficient surveillance safeguards. read more


Edward Snowden Reconsidered

Five years since Edward Snowden’s revelations of  mass surveillance and his subsequent flight to Moscow, here is a lengthy reflection on his actions. By Tamsin Shaw  read more


Enterprise Blockchain Struggles To Carve Out A Niche

Blockchain enthusiasts refuse to believe it, but the long-term opportunity for its adoption falls short of the revolutionary disruption they hope for. read more


The Rise of AI Driven DDoS Attacks

The new era of AI driven DDoS will have all the power of IoT-based attacks, plus powerful feedback loops & automatic optimisations. read more


Embracing The AI Robot Revolution

Relax. Robotics expert Prof. Noel Sharkey says robotics is about convenience and customers service, not an existential threat. read more


The Human Factor Is Essential To Eliminating Bias in Artificial Intelligence

It is not enough to open the ‘black box’ of machine learning. Direct human evaluation is the only way to ensure biases are not perpetuated through AI. By Elizabeth Isele read more


Cyber Criminals Are Outspending Business

The cybercrime community spends over $1tn each year developing attacks, compared with the $96bn spent by organisations on security from attacks. read more


How Hackers Skipped Through BA’s Security

Researchers from the threat detection firm RiskIQ shed new light on how attackers pulled off the theft of 380,000 customer transaction records from BA. read more


What Every Small Business Should Know About Hackers & Cybersecurity

It’s a case of when, not if, a cyber attack will take place and preparation is the key. You cannot simply leave it to the IT department to deal with. read more


Cybersecurity Needs A Collective Approach

The boom in cybercrime means it is no longer a problem reserved for the IT department - everyone must work together to tackle the threat. read more


Students Get The Blame For University Cyber Attacks

Analysis of cyberattacks on UK universities' research and academic networks concludes there must be "suspicions" over staff and students. read more

Snowden Demands Penalty For Misuse Of  Aadhaar Data

The Indian government's Aadhaar program provides a unique personal ID that can be obtained by Indian residents, using their biometric & demographic data. read more

A Breakthrough In Video Analytics

New AI-based video analytics technology powers a 20x improvement in central monitoring and video review, using cutting-edge collection & analysis. read more

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