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Newsletter February #1 2019

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Britain Aims To Lead In CyberSecurity

The UK is investing £70m from its industrial strategy fund for new hardware to speed up the race to eradicate some of the most damaging cybersecurity threats facing businesses. read more


No Brexit Deal? Then Its ‘Digital Dover’

What will happen to UK digital activities - from search and display advertising through to online publishing and e-commerce - with no Brexit deal? read more


Metro Bank Hacked

Britain’s Metro Bank has suffered an attack  by hackers using a sophisticated two-factor authentication bypass technique known as SS7. read more


President Putin Wants A National AI Strategy

President Putin wants detailed proposals to build a national strategy for artificial intelligence as a critical tool for future economic and military power. read more


Geo-Political Tensions Are Fuelling Cyber Attacks

Carbon Black's latest Threat Report reveals just how sophisticated attackers have become in evolving to remain undetected. read more


US National Intelligence Has A New Cyber Threats Strategy 

The latest National Intelligence Strategy sets out the way the US Intelligence Community will deal with Cyber Threats for the next four years. read more


AI In Business: 2019 Trends & Predictions

While robots will be taking over the workplace, some experts are predicting that it will actually improve conditions and create new jobs for people. read more


Hackers Use PayPal To Go Phishing

Double Jeopardy: Ransom victims are prompted to  follow a link to a fake PayPal phishing page, where their login credentials are stolen. read more


AI Based Security Analytics Is Growing Fast

The AI-based security analytics and threat intelligence platform RANK Software more than doubled its business last year. What's next? read more


The Biter Bit: Secret Russian Files Are Leaked

The transparency advocacy group DDoSecrets has released 175 gigabytes of hacked Russian documents detailing the 'dark side' of the Kremlin. read more


Pentagon Cybersecurity Is Falling Behind

An internal review confirms  the US military’s cybersecurity capabilities aren’t advancing fast enough to stay ahead of an “onslaught of multipronged” attacks. read more


N. Korea Could Expand Cyber Espionage Activities

In response to the stifling effects international sanctions, N Korea's hackers could become even more important to the regime than ever. read more

Iranian Hackers Use A Wide Array of Tools

Experts at FireEye have identified an Iranian cyber espionage group they call APT39 which uses a wide range of custom and off-the-shelf tools. read more

Going Postal: ‘We Have Sent You a Message’

Don't be fooled by the latest email fraud campaign pretending to be from the US Postal Service and aimed at infecting your computer with malware. read more

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