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Newsletter June #1 2019

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Two Years After WannaCry Severe Risks Remain

A single vulnerability and an internet-exposed system was enough to wreak havoc, yet with over a million devices still unpatched, the risks remain. read more


Digital Advertising Is A $Billion Ripoff

Internet advertising revenues are booming, worth over $100 billion in the US alone, but lying behind this is a hotbed of malware and fraud.  read more


Cyber Command Knows Its Tools Can Also Be Used By Their Targets

US Cyber Command leaders understand that the weapons that they have made to attack their enemies can also be turned against them. read more


Election Campaigners Get Training About Cyber Threats

Have the US political parties learned from the events of 2016? This is a critical question as the 2020 Presidential election draws nearer.  read more


Cyber Breaches Will Kill

Cars, appliances, power plants and medical devices are all at risk from hacking. In a world of "smart" devices, that means the Internet can kill people. read more


The Pentagon Has A Clear View Of Cyberwar

Cyber Command’s first dedicated facility takes an holistic view of the global cyber environment, helping the US military make better informed decisions. read more


Big-Data Analytics Risks Becoming Jammed

Analytics are becoming core for almost any activity in the business, government, and security sectors.But is there just too much data? read more


Blockchain Can Improve Cyber Security

Blockchain technology offers one of the most effective tools to protect data from fraud and theft and it does this by complicating the work of hackers. read more


The Worldwide Skills Shortage Is Growing 

The shortage of cyber security professionals puts many organisations at risk and this is the No. 1 concern among those who already work in the field. read more


Google Plan To Use Drone Delivery In Australia

Google's 'Project Wing' drone delivery business has been granted approval to take to the skies over the Australian capital.  read more


US Army Identifies How  To Improve Cybersecurity

Military researchers have developed a tool that limits damage caused by malicious traffic, cutting it off after a given number of messages are sent. read more

A Predictive Tool For Armed Police 

Police will soon be able to use behavioral data and get warning signs that an armed police officer may be about to go off the rails. read more

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