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Newsletter June #4 2019

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A New Age of Warfare

Cyber war operations are being conducted out of sight, classified, unattributed and increasingly beyond the control of political leaders. read more


US Cyber Attack On Iran

Unleash The Hackers: US missile forces stand down as President Trump orders Cyber Command to take the lead role in attacking targets in Iran. read more


Cyber Criminals Have Created An Invisible Internet

Successful efforts by police to infiltrate dark net marketplaces are pushing criminal hackers to adopt more secure ways of communicating. read more


Spies Use AI-Generated Faces To Connect With Targets

Fake Faces: A vast army of phantom profiles are lurking on LinkedIn, the popular website used for professional networking. read more


Self-Driving Cars Are All About Surveillance

As self-driving car technologies develop, privacy and security concerns over how companies will use personal data are becoming concrete. read more


Russia's National AI Strategy Takes Shape

In the global economic race to dominate the new digital economy its between the US tech giants and China. But President Putin has a plan. read more


The Human Cost Of Cyberwar

The Red Cross fears that the proliferation of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure will lead to mass casualties and wants a detailed expert inquiry. read more


The New Sophistication Of Nation-State Hacking

The experts at ESET have found the notorious Fancy Bear hackers are showing off their sophisticated new toolkit for infecting networks and executing malicious code. read more


A Cyber Toolkit For Small Business

Smaller companies need  to put in place specific cyber protection solutions to guard against the significant risks of a data breach. read more


British Police Forensics Attacked

Half of the UK police's forensic data analysis capacity has been knocked out of action following a ransom attack on a major service supplier. read more


Florida Municipality Suffers Cyber Extortion

Not So Smart Cities: The wave of ransom attacks on local government that began in Atlanta is being replicated in vulnerable small municipalities. read more

Turning Amsterdam Into A Smart City

Intelligent Mobility: Amsterdam and MIT are working together using 16th Century technology to produce 21st Century solutions. read more

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