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Newsletter March #1 2019

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Cyber Security Pros Are Feeling The Pressure

A major study carried out by Nominet reveals the heavy workload and budgetary problems that are having a physical effect on cybersecurity leaders. read more


UK And EU Will Connect With Cyber Security After Brexit

Britain's National Cyber Security Chief says that his organisation wants to extend and deepen existing EU security relations after Brexit. read more


Cyber Command’s Plan to ‘frustrate’ Hackers Is Working

Defend Forward: US cyber soldiers have found ways to let foreign nation-state hackers know they are being watched and can be intercepted.  read more


Four Ways That Fake-News Sites Trick People

Fake-news sites are successful because many people believe and then share their false reports. How can social media users avoid being misled? read more


Blockchain’s Newest  Application Is In Civil Aviation

Blockchain networks and smart contracts can help mitigate some of the most difficult security issues in the aviation industry. read more


What Is Data Fusion?

Big Data is all around us, in every field of life. But in spite of the far-reaching advantages, obvious clues frequently hide in a sea of unrelated data. read more


Facebook Has Changed Computing

Many of the apps and services we use every day are built with technologies that Facebook developed and then shared with the world. read more


The US Military Has A Free Rein For Offensive Hacking

The Trump administration has made it easier for the US military to conduct offensive cyber operations. But this new authority should be used carefully. read more


Cyber Attribution Could Tear NATO Apart

NATO members presently lack the capability to jointly discuss attribution of cyber attacks needed to have the confidence to assist one another. read more


Trump Wants US Government To Prioritise AI

President  Trumps has instructed US Federal Agencies  to focus on AI to promote US industrial development. read more


Dating Sites Fraudster Alert

Romance fraudsters target lonely hearts using dating sites. Not only will they steal your heart, they will steal your money and your identity read more


Edward Snowden Likes Zcash

Unbothered by the repressive regime where he lives in Russia, Edward Snowden has expressed support for a controversial new cryptocurrency. read more

Israel's Cyber-Hotline

Israel has launched a cyber hotline to enable businesses and private individuals to report suspected hacking and receive real-time solutions. read more

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