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Newsletter March #2 2019

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Criminals Offer Big Salaries For Cyber Skills

Criminal groups are promising $million dollar salaries to accomplices who can help them target high-worth individuals with extortion scams. read more


Hackers Are Focused On Hijacking Payment Data

Symantec find thousands of websites are being hit by cyber-thieves who implant code to scoop up payment card numbers. read more


Top Six Cyber Secure Countries

Many governments are putting resources into enhancing their cyber security as the frequency of attacks rises. Six nations stand out. read more


No Easy Solution To Cybersecurity’s Skills Shortage

The consensus is that there is a talent shortage problem in the information security sector. What’s not certain is the true extent of the problem. By Evan Francen. read more


Huawei 5G Risk Can Be ‘Contained’ 

Britain's spy agencies believe the threat of espionage arising from Huawei's 5G engineering and security capabilities can be managed.  read more


NATO Defense Spending Should Privilege Cyber Security

The face of war is changing dramatically as cyber and electronic attacks become increasingly commonplace and NATO must adapt to this fact. read more


Cyber-Spies For Hire

Governments across the world are gearing up for the next domain of warfare by recruiting the experienced soldiers of the future, cyber-spies. read more


Cybercriminals Are Turning To Unconventional Methods

Falling returns from cyber-attacks are forcing criminals to use unconventional methods to extort money as internet users become more savvy. read more


Fake News Prompts International Concern

Governments in Canada, France and the UK have formed an international grand committee to question social media bosses. read more


Your Employees Are The Major Risk To Cyber Security

Employees are still the weak link in cybersecurity. A third of workers in Ireland used their own email for work and 24% shared files with family and friends. read more


Police Lure Youngsters Into Cyber Crime 

Dutch police have run an online campaign to promote cybercrime awareness by duping school children into committing a potentially criminal act. read more

Only Four Suspects In Australia's High Level Attack

Suspicion is falling on China for targeting the computer systems of Australia's major political parties in a hack of 'unprecedented' sophistication. read more

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