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Newsletter May #5 2019

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GDPR Is One Year Old This Week

Over 59,000 data breach notifications have been reported across the European Economic Area with The Netherlands, Germany and the UK UK topping the list. read more


Facebook Deserves To Be Broken-Up

An original collaborator with Mark Zuckerberg has turned against the giant social media platform that he helped create, over the issue of extremist content. read more


Hackers Don't Only Target Big Business

Specialist Insurers Hiscox find that hackers are shifting focus from larger companies and that SMEs are now equally vulnerable. read more


The US Can't Stop China Copying Its Cyber Weapons

China is copying the malware that the NSA developed to use against them. Is this preventable or is it an inherent weakness of cyber warfare? read more


Is The US Planning A Cyber Attack On Iran?

A pre-emptive cyber-attack could be one of the ways for the US to hit Iran, with a possibilty of reducing the need for attacks using conventional forces.  read more


Cyber Threats And Nuclear Weapons Systems

Nuclear supply chains and nuclear command and control systems are at risk of being compromised and these risks need to be urgently addressed. read more


Verizon 2019 Data Breach Report

No matter what defensive security measures are put in place, attackers are still getting through. Verizon's latest Data Breach Report confirms the problem. read more


Hackers Steal Bitcoins Worth $41m

Hackers used a range of tools including viruses and phishing attacks to get security information which allowed them to breach the Binance exchange. read more


WannaCry Hero Deserves a Pardon, Not A Conviction

Marcus Hutchins, the so-called 'Wannacry Hero' faces up 10 years in prison, although he might receive a more lenient sentence for accepting responsibility. read more


Limit The Duration Google Holds Your Data

Google has told developers that it will focus on security and privacy features, allowing users to place settings on how long their data is stored. read more


Word Introduces An AI Editor To Improve Your Writing

Microsoft has a new AI-powered feature that will help even the least confident of writers produce more concise and readable text.  read more


Facebook Sues Rankwave For Data Misuse

Attempting to show it is serious about privacy, Facebook is suing a firm it accuses of unlawfully using its data to sell marketing and advertising. read more

Snowden Accuses CIA Of 'A PR Fix'

The CIA has set up its own website on the Dark Web. From safety in Moscow, Edward Snowden is unimpressed. read more

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