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Newsletter 2020 April #3

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Cyber Attacks Up 500% In A Month

Most of the world is trying to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but hackers are certainly not under a lockdown, as phishing and other attacks are surging. read more


Supporting British Healthcare Cybersecurity During COVID-19

The current crisis is an opportunity for the British government to show agility in how it deals with cyber threats to the NHS.  By Joyce Hakmeh  read more


Experts Aim To Combat COVID-19 Cyber Attacks

CTI League: Cyber security experts in 65 countries have come together to combat ransomware attacks on hospitals during the coronavirus crisis. read more


Nation-State Hackers Attack China

DarkHotel: Powerful hackers are engaged in an intense espionage campaign against Chinese government agencies grappling with COVID-19. read more


Cyber Resilience Benchmarks 

Only 17% of organisations are meeting an acceptable standard, according to the 3rd Annual  Cyber Resilience Survey from Accenture Security. read more


5G Security: The Risks & Challenges

Fifth Generation wireless technology will be the mainstay of the future digital economy - with so much at stake network security must be flawless.  By David Balaban  read more


New Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber security skills are in high demand and the need for more security professionals is not going to slow down in the foreseeable future. read more


Half Of UK Business Has A Critical Cyber Skills Gap

Only half of British businesses (50%) and charities (49%) say they carried out an internal or external cyber security audit in the last 12 months. read more


Spear Phishing Threats & Trends

A highly targeted form of email account crime, spear phishing is designed to trap well-researched victims and is a fast growing threat to business. read more


Japan's New AI-Based Cyber Defence System

Japan's military plans an AI-powered defence system to respond quickly to attacks on infrastructure in an automated way and to neutralise their effects. read more


Marriott Hotels - Millions Hacked Again

Careless: After the first incident in 2018 Marriott says it has now lost personal data for as many as 5.2 million guests in a second giant breach. read more

No, 5G Does Not Spread Coronavirus

Conspiracy theories over a link between the roll out of 5G and the spread of coronavirus have been spreading through social media networks. read more


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