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Newsletter 2020 August #2

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What Is A Cyber Security Audit?

A security audit is a critical component of modern business and its key purpose is to assist  in developing a strategy for managing cyber security. read more


Analysts Detect New Bank Malware

BlackRock: A new form of very sophisticated banking malware that can conceal itself as a genuine app to spy on the network it has infiltrated. read more


The Risk Of AI Being Used For Offensive Purposes

Many corporate cyber security teams are reliant upon outdated attack scenarios which are no longer resistant to AI-powered attacks. read more


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Webinar: How to achieve security visibility at scale in the AWS CloudThursday, August 27, 2020 | Join SANS and AWS Marketplace to learn how you can leverage solutions to create visibility at scale and allow you to do more with your data and improve your security posture. read more


Which Industries Suffer Most From Remote Working?

Cybercrime threat rates by sector since lockdown vary significanty and some sectors have experienced a big increases in their threat levels. read more


The Effects Of GDPR On EU / US Relations

The attempt by GDPR to extend EU privacy rights  to every country receiving EU personal data suggests that privacy standards will be globalised. read more


Cyber Security Teams Worry Most About Phishing & Ransomware

Inundated with too many alerts, Cyber Security teams are struggling with a lack of visibility into threats, endpoint devices and access privileges. read more


Using Artificial Intelligence In Academic Research

The right AI powered tools and techniques can make a significant difference in how research is conducted and how fast results are obtained. read more


Cyber Security Intelligence Directory  - A 5,000 Supplier Database

Our Directory now exceeds five thousand providers of cyber security products and services across specialist categories worldwide. read more


Breaking Up Big Tech

America’s major tech platforms are using their market share to entrench their dominance and insulate themselves from the threat of competition. read more


Six Reasons To Move Your SIEM To The Cloud

There are important  differences between cloud and on-premises SIEM and moving to the cloud has several advantages. By Gilad David Maayan  read more


Australia's Cyber Security Plan Includes Domestic Surveillance

Australia plans to provide the ADS spy agency with new powers that will allow it to conduct domestic investigations for the first time. read more

Securing The Remote Workforce Is A Top Priority

The emergence of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has pushed remote work to the top of the priority list for business. By Aaron Swain  read more

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Easing Out Of Lockdown: Why Should Cyber Security Remain High On The Agenda? 

With the dramatic impact of Coronavirus across the globe and remote working prevalent, now is the perfect time to get your cyber security in order. read more


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