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Newsletter 2020 August #3

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Chinese Hackers Aim To Plunder Taiwan's Semiconductor Industry

Advanced semiconductor chips are vital for the IoT and 5G telecoms. Making them is Taiwan's strategic industry and China wants their secrets. read more


Teacher Estimates Replace Algorithm That Reduced Exam Grades

It turned out to be a drastic mistake to allow British high school students' critical examination results to be graded by Artificial Intelligence. read more


NSA And FBI Warn Of Russian Linux Malware

Drovorub Malware: A fully-featured piece of Linux malware to infiltrate networks, steal confidential information and execute malicious commands. read more


Easing Out Of Lockdown: Why Should Cyber Security Remain High On The Agenda? 

With the dramatic impact of Coronavirus across the globe and remote working prevalent, now is the perfect time to get your cyber security in order. read more


Seven Cyber Security Questions Businesses Need To Ask Themselves

The British National Cyber Security Centre is offering technical advice on cyber insurance for businesses in the form of seven questions. read more


Cybercrime In Britain Does Serious Harm

Cyber crime covers a wide range of different offences, all of which are punishable by law in the UK. Be vigilant and avoid becoming a victim. read more


Google Bans Ads Linking To Hacked Political Content

Google will block advertising that contains hacked political content in an effort  to prevent major interference in the 2020 US Presidential election. read more


Belarus Government Shut Off The Internet During Elections

Election Day: Belarusians experienced Internet blackouts and major social networks, instant messengers & search engines were all inaccessible. read more


The Digital Revolution Is Evolving

New technologies, growing amounts of data and smarter ways of getting insights are changing the way people, businesses & governments interact. read more


Cyber Security Technology Sponsors Formula 1

Crowdstrike, Darktrace, Kaspersky & Thales are all piling in to F1 motor racing, promoting cutting-edge cyber security technology to global markets. read more


Essential Books For Learning About Cyber Security

Reading List: Get clued up to make sure you have the technical skills to find the areas of vulnerability and avoid cyber security disasters. read more


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